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Robot Mode Beast Mode
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Bag (flattened), and another Mint In Bag
Bag/Package From my collection
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Color Scheme:
Black, gray/silver, translucent orange, with blue and orange accents on his head.
Robot Mode:
Well, they got his head a lot like the show, but that's about it. I'd be a lot happier with some more molding in his hands, not just engraved lines.
Beast Mode:
Yech. He's basically just hunched over, with his head switched. Some of the detailing is nice, and somewhat like the show, but I just can't get past the bent robot legs.
Hunch him over or stand him up, flip his head, and turn his forearms a little.
Ok robot mode, sucky beast mode.

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