Function: Maximal Commander
Motto: "Organic life is often hidden, sometimes overcome, but seldom extinguished!"

Optimus Primal, the stalwart commander of the Maximals developed his trademark valor and heroism during his role in the Beast Wars. Since returning to Cybertron, Optimus Primal takes on the new role, training his Maximals the methods of conversion - an art practically lost after the evil Megatron's virus wreaked havoc on Cybertron. In robot mode he wields deflector arms which store energy and then regenerate as energy shurikins. Jump jets on back allow for short-range flight. Has limited insight into past and future. Can see and activate conversion potential in others.
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10+                    10
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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Let me start by saying that this toy does NOT resemble the cartoon version of this character in any way other than his robot head, and the fact that he is a gorilla. I'll try to steer away from such comments in my review, and focus on this toy based on its own merits.
Color Scheme:
Mostly black with transparent blue parts and some gold paint accents. His "shurikin" is transparent green, as are his eyes in both modes. I actually like this scheme a lot. Silver paint for accents would have been better than gold, but the black and blue works well together.
Robot Mode:
Pretty good. His legs are a little bulky/big, especially compared to his waist, but he's otherwise well proportioned. He's very stable, once you get the hang of positioning the legs. About the only "kibble" on this mode is a little backpack (his beast hips). As I said above, his robot head is a pretty good approximation of his head in the cartoon.
Beast Mode:
So-so. He's supposed to be some kind of gorilla, probably a silverback (like the show) but it hardly resembles one very well. My main complaint is the freakishly angry beast face/head. I'm also a little disappointed in the fact that the rear feet are a little hard to set flat on a surface, since the thumbs are molded in place. His front legs/arms are sufficiently large, like a gorilla's should be, but the hands/fingers are a little excessive. Good thing they fold in while in robot mode. Overall, the beast mode is ok... I just wished it looked a little more like the show. :\
Highly reminiscent of Beast Wars Fuzor Silverbolt. The beast arms fold down and connect to become the robot hips and legs, and the beast legs fold up and forward to become the robot arms. His body folds a little bit in there, but aside from tucking his beast head away into his robot chest, that's pretty much it. Complex enough for a Deluxe toy, and easy enough for the kids to handle easily.
In beast mode, you can press a hatch on his back (or fold the hatch down and push it in and out) to activate a "chest flexing" kind of move that also makes his beast mouth move. I don't find this gimmick to work all that well, so don't bother with it. Unfortunately, his spark crystal is hidden in his chest cavity, and is only visible when flexing his chest... even then, you can barely see it. He also has a "throwing" gimmick. Theoretically, you put the shurikin in his hand, pull the arm back and let go, and the shurikin goes flying... I have YET to get this to work at ALL, let alone well. I'm open to any tips on getting this to work. For now, I just leave his shurikin snapped into one of his hands. Sort of a gimmick, the shurikin can be "stored" in his left robot leg (beast arm), which is nice in beast mode, but can get in the way in robot mode.
The biggest con for most people is the fact that he doesn't look anything like the show (save his robot head). Once you get past that issue, though, it's a good toy. Good robot mode, good beast mode. The throwing gimmick doesn't work so well, but as I don't do a lot of "playing" with my TFs, that's not a big deal for me. For most people, though, the big hurdle to jump is his vastly different appearance than on the cartoon.

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