Function: Recon Specialist
Motto: "I'm very good at what I do - maybe too good!"

Night Viper is the stealthiest Maximal. His tail acts as a repulsor rocket, providing supersonic speed. Internal radar scramblers allow him to move virtually unseen in both robot and beast mode. His robot mode features frictionless surface, increasing his speed and making him an extremely hard target. Armor allows deflect most energy pulses. Recycles enemy fire into plasma venom blasts that short circuit Vehicons circuitry.
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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Light bluish-gray and black with copper and yellow accents. Overall fairly nice.
Robot Mode:
Lanky... no, really! This guy is the waif supermodel of the Beast Machines line. Then again, he's a snake, so it makes sense. Fortunately, his many joints are tight enough to hold him up and allow him to be posed. At first I was a little put off by his look, but I've come to like it a lot. He also has hands, though they can't hold anything.
Beast Mode:
A cobra with an oversized head. Really, though, without a whole different transformation strategy, snake TFs will always be disproportionate. Compared to his big snake/cobra head, his tail/body is tiny and frail. Definitely better in robot mode.
His snake head section unfolds into his robot body and arms, and the snake tail/body slides and folds to become both his robot legs. It's a fairly simple transformation, with a little flipping and turning involved with the arms.
In beast mode, his snake head and mouth jut forward and his mouth opens when you press a trigger on top. They call it "biting action" but it's really more like "hissing action." In robot mode, he has a blade hidden in how right arm shield piece, which is pretty cool.
Another "all powerful" spec. He's fast and hard to hit, but when a shot DOES get him, he deflects it or recycles it into a plasma blast and kills Vehicons?!? Come ON! Has he no weaknesses? With this guy, the Maximals would have won the next freaking DAY! Oy. Aside from his overblown tech spec, he's pretty cool overall. I'd be happier if they figured out way to make better use of those huge arm shields, if only to include bigger blades, and in both arms.

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