Function: Demolitions

Determined... deliberate... and often depressed, this subterranean demolitions expert can bore his way into areas where no other ally would dare to tread. Recently reformatted following eons of deactivation at the hands of Decepticons, this always dutiful Mol is usually called to search for organic life or to plant sophisticated silicon-encased explosives near Vehicon emplacements. When in bore mode, he can fire his metal tearing, serrated circular blade at attacking Vehicons with circuit-slicing accuracy. He projects a negative attitude that makes his fellow Maximals a bit uneasy. Not exactly "the life of the party," but reliable to a fault.
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STRENGTH             RANK
6.0                   2.7
3.0                   8.5
2.4                   5.0
4.0                   6.4
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Color Scheme:
Mostly green and translucent blue, with some opaque blue parts, and lots of black accents. One of the cool things is how some parts are "dusted" with black paint, to make it look dirty. This is the recolor of Mol. The original toy has the color scheme shown on the Tech Spec.
Beast Mode:
It's supposed to be a mole of some kind, but is only vaguely so. It's about as mole-like as a kid on all fours. I prefer to think of him simply as a drone of some kind, rather than anything that looks like a mole.
Alternate Mode:
Another thing that doesn't really look like anything. I guess he's supposed to be able to drill better in this mode or something, but I don't see it. It's more like he sticks his butt up into the air, hehe. ;-)
Pushing his head down releases the spring loaded transformation into his other mode, where his butt goes up into the air. Then you move his front legs around to the back so that he stands like a tripod. Eh.
This toy IS a gimmick. But, he's got another one aside from his auto-transformation. He has a "blade" launching weapon. When you press a trigger on his back, a serrated circular saw blade thing shoots out from his back-side. This can be done in beast or alternate modes. His nose is also a drill gimmick. When you turn a dial at the back of his head, his nose rotates in the opposite direction.
It's not that great of a toy, especially for the price. Hasbro introduced these toys to be a lower price-point than the regular toys, since those were going up in price. Well, where I got them, they were a mere $1 less than a regular toy, at $6 (instead of $7). To me, that's not low enough. You might as well spend the extra buck for a REAL TF. If it was $4, I'd be more satisfied with it. $5 is borderline.
Notes: Back story:
"After their apparent victory in the Beast Wars, the heroic Maximals have returned to Cybertron to find their home planet overrun by hoards of Vehicons controlled by the tyrannical Megatron.
In the deepest recesses of Cybertron, Nightscream discovers a band of automated mechanical beasts. Forged from ancient Transformer technology, these task drones were protected from the ravages of time. Though small in stature and lacking sparks of their own, the Deployers use their firepower and rapid transformation abilities to combat the despotic rule of Megatron.
The struggle for the salvation of Cybertron continues...

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