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Robot Mode Beast Mode
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Bag (flattened), and another Mint In Bag
Bag/Package From my collection
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Color Scheme:
Blue "cloak," red and purple beast body, and teal robot/beast head with a yellow stripe. Aside from the red body, I wonder where these colors came from?!?
Robot Mode:
Well, this would be "cloaked" mode, which is basically a cylinder of plastic with lots of detailing, including "arms" like in the show, except molded into the sides of the cloak. The head does look somewhat like his helmeted head in the show, though.
Beast Mode:
He has some stunted growth, I think. His legs are short, and his wings are painted on the inside of the cloak pieces. His beast head looks dragon-like, except for it's color... TEAL?!?
Open the cloak, pull up his neck, and flip his head back around. Nothin' to it.

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