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Function: Predacon Vehicon Leader
Motto: "Purification is the key to our salvation!"

The leader of the new world order on Cybertron, Megatron has focused his ruthless energies on a new mission: to restore the machine-like purity of the Transformers. Creating a devastating virus that wiped out the inhabitants on Cybertron, Megatron populated the planet with Vehicons - vehicle Transformers with no spark. In robot mode - his preferred mode - Megatron plugs into his diagnostic drone, which controls every aspect of Cybertron. In beast mode, powerful jaws can crush all metals and alloys with ease. Breathes fire or ice. Will stop at nothing to fulfill his twisted vision of a new order.
STRENGTH             RANK
9.9                  10.0
9.9                  10.0
9.9                  10.0
9.9                  10.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Box (Flattened)
Instructions From my collection: Page One, Page Two
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Mostly red with some gold, blue, and dark maroon accents. His cape/wings, however, are gray. They didn't even bother to paint accents inside to make them more wing-like in beast mode. Feh!
Robot Mode:
Probably the shortest "Mega" sized toy to date. This is a standing complaint from pretty much everyone who bought him. In his alternate (cloak) mode, he could EASILY fit into a Deluxe card container, and would probably sell better at that price and in that mode. Anyway... It's not a BAD robot mode... just too small. I'm not real fond of how his waist is made up of his tiny beast arms, or how his right hand comes out of the bottom of his dragon tail, how the tail piece is hard plastic and gets in the way, how he can't stand up without the help of his "cape" behind him... But I digress... I don't bother with this mode.
Beast Mode:
Mushu! (from Disney's "Mulan" animated feature ;-) No really, that's what he looks like, except with wings. Anyway... it's a dragon. His head and neck are a little difficult to pose because of his gimmick, and his wings don't stay open, or wherever they are put. Anyway... I'm not real fond of this mode either.
Alternate Mode:
Now, this is the one and only real reason to buy this toy. Although he looks almost nothing like the show, it's a cool "cloaked" mode to play with him in, or just for display. This is the mode I keep mine in. Not only is it the coolest looking, but it's the most stable. He's not wanting to fall over all the time in this mode.
I have to give them points for this one. It's fairly ingenious... though they all are. ;-) His "wings" come together nicely for the cloak, and his robot/beast conversion is simple but effective.
In beast mode, his head and neck are sprung and geared such that when you pull his head back and let go, his head snaps forward with his mouth opening and closing. Mine doesn't work all that well, so I'd rather it were just articulated. I guess it can also be used in robot mode. His spark is behind a panel in his chest, which is sort of cool, but that's pretty much it. Not much for a MEga, huh?
Too small for a Mega. Should have been a Deluxe. Ho-hum beast and robot modes. Inaccurate cloak mode. If he weren't Megatron, I'd probably not recommend him.

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