Function: Warrior
Motto: "If you're strong enough, there are no precedents."

Highly intelligent, Longhorn is a warrior philosopher. One of the most powerful Maximals, believes that war is trying but necessary. A talented strategist as well as a front-line warrior. Well liked by his comrades for circumspect attitude and admired for tenacity in battle. Often shouts his slogan, "When I see Vehicons, I see red... and when I see red, things get ugly!" before charging fearlessly into battle. Generates paralyzing thunderclaps by stomping on the ground. Reinforced skull and horns release concentrated lightning bolts. Despite serious demeanor, Longhorn takes great joy in battle, especially when goring Vehicons. Considers himself a vegetarian.
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Box Art Beast Mode
Robot Mode Head Shot
STRENGTH             RANK
9                       5
8                       5
4                       5
9                       5
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
This one's pretty cool, although the translucent green chest cavity is a little out of place. He's a sweet mix of gold and maroon with gold painted accents, and some silver paint on his horns. Again, the green chest just doesn't "go."
Robot Mode:
What you might expect from a bull standing on it's hind legs. His arms to get a little bigger/longer, as the shoulders fold out from within the chest cavity. The bull face is sticking out of his chest, and his front beast hooves become little knife/dagger kind of weapons in his molded hands (no, they don't come off).
Beast Mode:
A reasonable convincing bull mode, he looks as if he's ready to charge. He has a real metal ring in his nose, too!
Again, simple. After all, he's a basic, so... lift up the bull head to open the chest and pull out the robot shoulders, let the best head come down through the chest (where the shoulders used to be) making the robot head fold up a little. Stand him up, rotate his lower legs, and voila!
In beast mode, there's a tuft of "hair" on his back that you press down to make his head "rear" up. In actuality, the "hair" is just an extension of the piece of plastic his head is on. Don't buy this toy for the gimmick.
Although his robot head has a cool, satanic look (very much like Satan from the movie "Legend"), it doesn't fold up enough to face forward. The result is a robot thrusting his hips out and chest back so that his head faces forward, which make him a little tough to stand. Also, his weapons are kind of lame, since they're just his beast legs. Top it off with forearms that hinge the wrong way (sideways, not up and down). Probably equivalent to Buzzsaw in amount of coolness, though.

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