Function: Forward Observer

Beneath his battle-hardened exterior resides a Maximal defender who's all talk and minimal do. His boastful attitude and swaggering tough guy style disguise a hero who, when the microchips are down, retreats in a klick. As a former apprentice to an ancient Autobot tracker, Dillo was taught how to use the mace bollo. The only drawback is that he usually uses it when he's retreating. Nightscream has every intention of changing that.
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4.6                   3.0
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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Color Scheme:
Dark (Navy) blue and red (translucent and opaque) with some silver accents. It's actually quite attractive, possibly more so (at least to me) than the original colors of blue and purple with yellow accents. Yes, this is a recolor of the first release of this mold. The same name, though. In fact, the ONLY difference is that of the toy colors. They didn't even bother to change the packaging at all, as you can see in the Packaging and Tech Spec images.
Beast Mode:
It's an armadillo... sort of. It looks kind of cool, I guess, but it's not all that armadillo-like other than his "style." Nothing to write home about.
Alternate Mode:
His spec doesn't even say what he's supposed to be... so I guess he's just some kind of launcher for the bollo weapon he wields. Again, nothing to write home about, but his bollo weapon does fire fairly well.
Lift his tail, and his body flips open and stuff to become his alternate mode. It's a little barrel-heavy, though, because his hind legs have no articulation, and so you can't raise or lower the bollo launcher.
Much like the Beast Riders, this toy IS a gimmick. It quick-transforms with spring loaded hinges, and has a launching weapon. Whoopie. ;-)
Eh. The launcher works well, and the auto-transform is ok. Personally, I wish they would have just made it more well designed, and nixed the auto-transform thing.
Notes: Back story:
"After their apparent victory in the Beast Wars, the heroic Maximals have returned to Cybertron to find their home planet overrun by hoards of Vehicons controlled by the tyrannical Megatron.
In the deepest recesses of Cybertron, Nightscream discovers a band of automated mechanical beasts. Forged from ancient Transformer technology, these task drones were protected from the ravages of time. Though small in stature and lacking sparks of their own, the Deployers use their firepower and rapid transformation abilities to combat the despotic rule of Megatron.
The struggle for the salvation of Cybertron continues...

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