Function: Warrior
Motto: "Act with quickness, and leave the enemy no time to think!"

Cheetor continues to mature rapidly. Remains Optimus Primal's strongest supporter, and one of the most formidable warriors against Megatron's Vehicons. Beast mode provides him with cheetah-like speed and agility, matched with amazing endurance and enhanced vision. In robot mode, becomes impossible target thanks to body surface that repels virtually all energy pulses without damage. Expertise with multi-function sword makes Vehicons keep their distance - if they can.
STRENGTH             RANK
8.0                   9.0
8.0                   9.0
10.0                  6.0
9.0                   8.0
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Robot Mode Beast Mode Head Shot (Robot)
Head Shot (Beast) Hand Gimmicks
Size Comparison (Beast Mode)
Size Comparison (Robot Mode) Box Art
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Box (flattened)
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Visitor Reviews

Added by: Jordan Obalek on March 25, 2004
Rated it:
Comments: This Figure is SLAGGING AWESOME!!!!!!! Anyone can
do some pretty funny stuff.. I should know,I saw
the funnies on this site.One thing you could do
is raise supreme cheetor's arms so they're at a
90 degree angle with the body and put the normal
cheetor in supreme's arms and have supreme
cheetor say "and I will call him MINI-ME".Overall
This toy is wicked let alone the size of an
average housecat.but my kitten Zeus is 24"
long and he's nine and a half months old!!!

Added by: Paul Corpus on April 25, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: There are two flaws about this figure when it
is in robot mode: 1) the legs are fairly flimsy, and
a little difficult to balance, if one tries to
erect it on straight up, 2) the left hand has to
be kept bent to keep his claws from retracting.
Otherwise, this figure is kick-ass!!! It has
several features that more than make up for its
is kick-ass!!!!

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