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Robot Mode Beast Mode Head Shot Packaging
Function: Nocturnal Warrior
Motto: "What can't be seen cannot be defeated!"

Night Slash Cheetor's prowess in battle grows as rapidly as he moves over the surface of Cybertron. Boasts incredible speed and maneuverability. When used with highly advanced stealth armor, he's virtually invisible to every known Vehicon radar or tracking system. Hits before Vehicons even know it. Will eliminate entire battalion of drones single-handedly. New armor includes vicious dual blade sword attack that makes all Vehicons keep their distance in battle. His abilities have negative psychological effect on Vehicon generals, whose drones seem to be useless in combat.
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Color Scheme:
Mostly a very dark grayish blue, not quite black. He also has school bus yellow spots on his arms and legs, translucent orange fingers, toes, and chest panel, some black parts, and some metallic looking (but not transmetal) light olive green accents. Oh yeah, his swords are light gray plastic, as is his tail, parts of his legs, and a belt type accent around his waist. IMHO this is a very cool color scheme, which helps bring home the overall design of the toy. Standard Cheetor yellow probably wouldn't work as well on this mold.
Robot Mode:
Packaged in this mode, it's a real looker. With swords in hand, with his trademark "chicken leg" stance, he looks super cool. His robot head, aside from the colors used, looks very much like the cartoon design. There's a reflective disc inside his chest that you can see through the translucent orange chest, making it look really cool. For more on that, read the gimmick info below. He's got a thruster module on his back that folds down agsint his back, or out from it at about 45 degrees, adding a few points of coolness. Unfortunately, his tail rides right up to the middle of the thrusters. He's about as tall as the Mega Cheetor, actually, and easily one of the tallest Deluxe sized toys. Very nice.
Beast Mode:
The beast mode seems to be an afterthought to me. It's as if they designed a killer robot mode, then put it on all fours and figured out how to make it look better, not bothering to make it look really good in beast mode. The sword slashing gimmick gets in the way of posing him easily in this mode, as his spring-loaded arms either let him fall face to the floor, or topple over. It takes a bit of fiddling to get them to hold him up on a cat-like manner. His hind legs are also poorly designed for this mode. They are just way too long, more so, it seems, than the other BM Cheetor toys. Most people are likely to leave this toy in robot mode on a more or less permanent basis. That's ok, though, 'cus his 'bot mode kicks! :)
Turn his hands and feet, shorten his legs, and switch his heads. That's it. :\ But, I will note that I really like the way his heads switch. Instead of being on hinges and folding in or out of a cavity, they're both on a roller-coaster like track that loops around his front and back side. When you open the back and chest panels, you can literally guide both heads around the track with little restriction. I say little because the beast head does get stopped at the bottom of the track, and cannot pass through the cavity completely. This design, however, facilitates the relatively cool gimmick...
His arms have built-in, spring loaded swords. By pressing the triggers on his upper arms, the blades are released from their home in each shoulder into his waiting hands. This alone is a sweet gimmick, but it gets better. In both beast and robot mode, pressing the spark crystal on his back makes his arms swing up and down. Since the arms can be placed in any starting position, you can decide how the slashing takes place. Also, since his elbows do bend, he can slash with arms bent, or completely straight. The idea is that in robot mode, he slashes with his swords, and in beast mode he slashes with his claws. Though big hands such as mine make it hard to control this gimmick, children would have an easier time, I'm sure. I also just noticed that the reflective disc inside his chest reflects red lines that are on a post coming through the center of the disc. When the slashing gimmick is activated, this post rotates, making the reflection of the lines rotate around the disc. Not so easy to see with the chest closed, but I appreciate the designers attention to detail. They could easily have left that feature out.
Great robot mode, so-so beast mode. Cool gimmick, but gets in the way of beast mode positioning.

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