Beast Rider
Function: Interceptor
Relentlessly hunted by Megatron and frustrated by Optimus Primal's beliefs, Cheetor swipes the blueprints of the Beast Riders technology and creates his own individualized transport. Encased in a unique Quintessian allow recovered from the lower levels of Cybertron, Che is impervious to most artillery attacks. Razor-sharp battering rams slice through barriers while front-mounted galvaconductors emit 10,000-volt charges to neutralize any obstacle. When in pursuit mode and at full acceleration, Che can reach hypersonic speeds while maintaining incredible maneuverability. Only Cheetor can operate Che at its peak performance through the focus and balance of his spark energy interface, but allows his fellow Maximals to pilot it in his absence.
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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Mostly yellow with black "spots." Also has large sections of translucent green and orange, as well as black parts. True to the other BM cheetor toys at the very least.
Vehicle Mode:
A rolling Cheetor head! :P It also has "arms" coming out from under his ears/jowls. There's a platform for smaller figures to stand on while riding Che.
Alternate Mode:
With the arms facing forward, he's in "attack mode" but looks the same otherwise.
Fold the arms down and around to the front. If you have a small toy to rid on it, there's a kind of hood that flips up from the top of Che that houses a set of guns and a "claw" that is supposed to hold the rider in place.
This toy IS a gimmick! The main gimmick is the rolling action. When you close Che's mouth, it presses a lever inside that winds the motor. When you release the mouth, he takes off at a pretty good pace. Che also has the ability to be pulled back to wind the motor. With his arms forward, as he is rolling, the forearms and claws spin, adding some "wrecking" power to the play scenario. He also has a dual missile launcher inside his mouth that fires well enough.
The whole concept of non-transforming "chariots" for the characters to ride on leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but it's well executed, and the toys is nice to look at and fun to play with. The claw that holds the rider is way too loose, though, and most riders will fall right out of Che at full acceleration.
Notes: Back story:
"After their apparent victory in the Beast Wars, the heroic Maximals have returned to Cybertron to find their home planet overrun by hoards of Vehicons controlled by the tyrannical Megatron. Developed from Vehicon technology and inspired by the ancient repulsor-lift chariots used to quell Transformer dissidents during the earliest freedom wars for Cybertron, the diabolical Megatron engineers the Beast Riders -- sophisticated, individualized pursuit vehicles spawned out of the need for rapid transportation throughout Cybertron. Each craft activates only when its primary pilot uses his spark energy for ignition. Over time, the Beast Riders have adapted to their pilots' control and developed specialized powers from their masters! The struggle for the salvation of Cybertron continues...

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