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Robot Mode Beast Mode
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Bag (flattened), and another Mint In Bag
Bag/Package From my collection
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Color Scheme:
GAH! PINK! Not the purple from the show, but bright, hot pink. Oh yeah, there are neon yellow/green accents, and her hair is black. Also, her torso "shell" piece is translucent pink.
Robot Mode:
Essentially a female figure, with a shell hanging off her butt which has two legs hanging off of it. My only complaint is that her legs are too close together, and her extra legs are the only thing that holds her up.
Beast Mode:
A spider... running... or something. Her 7th and 8th legs are kind of up in the air because they are connected to the top of her torso shell.
Her robot legs each split into two spider legs, then rotate around. Her arms "become" legs, and the torso shell is rotated up to cover her back and head.
Looks good in robot mode, but beast mode is kind of gimpy.

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