Black Widow Spider
Function: Saboteur
Motto: "It is a double pleasure to deceive the deceiver."

Despite Predacon past, Blackarachnia detests Megatron and fights with the Maximals. The definitive femme fatale, she despises life's pleasantries, though sometimes can't help but feel an affinity towards certain Cybertronians. Her history of treachery and double-dealing make fellow Maximals distrustful. Spins metal-deteriorating webs that deflect energy pulses. Two stinger legs disrupt/overload any electronic system. Can ground herself with legs and use stingers to send electronic pulses through the ground towards enemies. Six eyes are hyper-sensitive to enemies and targets.
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Robot Mode Beast Mode
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Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Mostly purple with some kind of olive-gold color, green accent spots, black parts, and some red accents (like her widow spot, lips and eye shadow). In beast mode, her head is made of translucent olive-gold plastic. Refer to the head shot for a close-up. As far as Beast Machines color schemes go, her's is fairly tame. Her show counterpart isn't as lucky.
Robot Mode:
Probably the better of her two modes, she has barbie-like qualities. Her long legs are twice the length of her torso. Her waist is about the size of her neck, and she has breasts, as all well designed female toys should. ;-) I do have a couple complaints, though, starting with her hands... she has none. Well, she has long claw-like things that serve as legs in beast mode. As spider legs they work, but not as robot arms. They should have made the ends of the legs fold back to reveal small hands or something. Also, the range of movement in her legs leaves something to be desired. Due to their design of separating into two spider legs each, some joints had to be simplified, or left out entirely. Her legs do not rotate anywhere. Simply, her knees hinge, her ankles hinge, and her hips are on limited ball and socket joints. As a result, her legs don't leave much room for posing position, as doing anything other than standing straight causes her to lean to one side, and her waist only spins so you can't straighten her up. On top of all that, she's got a big 'ol butt, made from her spider abdomen.
Beast Mode:
A fairly good black widow spider. Main complain is that the front two legs look more like mandibles because they are so small. Other than that, it's a great mode.
Move the shell of the abdomen over her spider head to reveal her torso, connect her spider legs into two robot legs, straighten her out, and she's done. If it weren't for the difficulty in connecting, and later separating, her legs, Hasbro's rating of intermediate would be high.
In beast mode, when you move her front legs back, her mandible open and close. They are sprung rather tightly, so doing it pretty much ruins any pose you had her in because you have to use her other legs as leverage. In robot mode, she has three visors on her head, which, when raised, reveal her four extra eyes. Problem with this is that they can move down far enough to cover her primary eyes, and they also make seeing her primary eyes a little difficult even when not covering them. The instructions note that you can raise her torso to allow it to spin, to make her arms do a "arm swinging blade" action. In reality, her waist can turn, and that's it, no springs or anything involved.
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