Function: Scout Warrior
Motto: "What the enemy does not see can definitely hurt them!"

At first, Vehicons thought Battle Unicorn would be an easy target - but then they had to fight against him. Underneath his striking, armored facade is an extremely powerful warrior. Hooves are silent on any terrain but stomping causes seismic disturbances that scramble Vehicon receptors. Armed horn can penetrate most metals and alloys with destructive results. Skill with battle-ax in Robot Mode causes Vehicons to scatter the second he converts. In both modes, special armor plating makes Battle Unicorn invisible to Vehicon radar. Uniquely able to teleport within a 500 foot radius. Certain Vehicon Generals still doubt he really exists.
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Beast Mode
Robot Mode Packaging
STRENGTH             RANK
7.5                   6.0
9.0                   8.5
9.0                   7.5
8.0                   9.0
Toy Condition Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With Full Card (bubble removed)
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Toy Review 
Color Scheme:
Black, dark grey, light blue translucent parts, red translucent parts, and orange here and there. I think it looks nice.
Robot Mode:
He has a much cooler robot mode than beast mode. He looks a whole lot meaner, and a whole lot more agile and strong.
Beast Mode:
Well, it's a Unicorn, but only 'cus it has a single horn on its head. It's vaguely horse-like, given the horse-like head, but otherwise it's just a very stocky four legged animal thing. If it were more proportional to a horse, like Mach Kick, it would be cooler. It's cool enough, though.
A bit of a pain, especially in the arm and getting the waist section to snap together and stay that way. Don't be afraid to read the instructions. ;-)
Pushing his tail makes his head go up and down I think. Nothing terribly useful or fun.
Difficult transformation, but cool robot looks

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