Decepticons DECEPTICON
Bio and Tech Specs currently unavailable.

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Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With flattened box

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: I pity the poor fan who cannot afford this toy. Seriously, if you don't have the cash for it now, put it on layaway. Beg your parents. Mow the lawn. Get a job. Put it on credit. Whatever it takes to get this toy, just do it, short of theft or other criminal activity of course. This toy kicks hella ass. There's really nothing more to say. You've seen the pics, now go buy the toy. Anything people point out as "wrong" with this toy should be considered nit picking. I'm tempted to not allow visitor reviews of this toy. heh

Visitor Reviews

Added by: deceptisquirrel on February 28, 2004
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Comments: A toy that was loooong in the wait. The cool part is, well, the whole thing. The gimmics are fun as well, making a blinking red sign of the devil and scare the pets with the horrid gear noise before they get shot with a mega missile.

Added by: James Black on December 19, 2003
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Comments: This figure is an example of what hasbro is capable of when they put lots of effort into something, instead of just redeco's, or slight mold alterations. Just look at this figure and you'll see the inspiration for the new 20th anniversary Optimus Prime, and the new Transformers: Alternators line. Oh, and by the way, Armada Unicron WILL be redeco'd......Black, and Red/Orange/Pink?. It's hard to tell from the pic's all over the net, but he is mostly black. This redeco will be released as part of the Transformers Energon line. This must've been obvious for those of you who have seen the end of the Unicron Battles in Armada.

Until the Day, 'Till All Are One.

Added by: William on November 13, 2003
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Comments: The First, The Best, The Only, and The Last TF Armada I'll get.

Added by: KTK on November 09, 2003
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Comments: GET HIM NOW.

Added by: stinhed on October 20, 2003
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Comments: awesome detailing. cool chest cannon and minicon. joints are very ratchety but that's understandable. some sound effects would have been nice. highly recommended, there probably won't be another unicron for years to come if this isn't the only ever. once again, awesome deailing. worth the money.

Added by: Another chance? :) on October 08, 2003
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Comments: One of the greatest ever transformers of our time. He has just reached Australia's shores and already I have put him on Lay-by. He is a very impressive transformer and like was said below "Mere words can't describe Unicron" I can't wait till I have my very own :D

Added by: Jeff Bailey on October 08, 2003
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Comments: Mere words can't describe Unicron, he is just such an impressive transformer. As most people will say, if you see in a store, GRAB HIM!! once he's gone, that's it. As a Transformers fan, I can say that I've waited since seeing the Transformers Movie for an action figure of Unicron. I don't know if Hasbro can make anything better than Unicron.

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