Decepticons DECEPTICON
Quote: "I fight, I prevail, I conquer!"
A veteran soldier, THRUST was summoned to Earth by MEGATRON to reinforce DECEPTICON military ideas, and swiftly became MEGATRON'S number two in command. THRUST'S meteoric rise to the top earned him the lasting contempt of STARSCREAM & DEMOLISHER, who constantly strive to undermine his authority. Known for his lightning speed and advanced attack capabilities, THRUST will employ any means to win. Will arrogance and blind ambition cloud his ability to lead his troops to victory?

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Inferno Robot Mode Inferno Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: He's a conehead, plain and simple. There will inevitably be recolors of this mold. The question is will they be new characters to call seekers or not? Anyway, I like both his jet and robot modes. He's got a decent arsenal, including the spring-loaded missile launcher on Inferno's back, which can be detached and used on one of Thrust's arms. Inferno seems to belong docked on Thrust's back in vehicle modes, as without Inferno there, there's an empty space that wants to be filled. Transformation is simple but not overly so. Thrust has a silly gimmick that has his wings spinning on his chest or something, but that's lame and works poorly. Because of that gimmick, though, his wings feel as if they need to be pegged in somewhere, but they can't be. Overall I like the toy, but not enough to say he's a must buy. Take a look at the pics and decide for yourself, I guess.

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Added by: FemaleTransformer-Krys on October 08, 2003
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Comments: I think that Thrust is a really cool toy. I found it very easy to transform. Although.. They I pretty much are. Thrust was my 8th transformer and my brother and I now play against each other. With Thrust in my collection, now, Wood and I will have something to do on the way to Disney World in Nov.

He's totally awesome!!!


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