Decepticons DECEPTICON
Quote: "My destiny is leadership."
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STARSCREAM uses his speed and maneuverability as a jet to launch aerial attacks on the AUTOBOTS. No one can compete with him when it comes to speed and skill in the air. He slices through the sky, chasing the enemy and even endangering any DECEPTICON that gets in his way. As the second in command, he pretends to be loyal to MEGATRON, but is always looking for an opportunity to weaken his leader's rule and take control of the DECEPTICONS.

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Blowit! Swindle Robot Mode Swindle Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With flattened box

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: Starscream. The name itself is good enough to sell most toys, just like Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bumblebee... hey? Where's the Armada Bumblebee?? Anyway, does this toy live up to the name? I say... mostly yes. Actually, if you think back to the original G1 Starscream toy (I have Thundercracker, which is the same mold), this one kicks it's skidplate. This one has more articulation (which isn't hard, since the first one had a whopping 2 points of articluation), cool Armada Powerlinx gimmicks, and sound effects. He looks great in both modes, with my only gripe being that he has a really long backpack sticking out of his back. Essentially, the entire back half of the jet remains in place and just sticks out there like a sore arm (i.e. BIGGER than a sore thumb! ;-). Aside from that, he's pretty cool. One wing comes off and unfolds into a sword, and he's got two BFGs on his shoulders. His Mini-Con, Swindle, is fairly plain, but still decent. One cool gimmick is that Swindle hooks up underneath Starscream's cockpit. When you press the canopy down, a weapon sound is made, and when you press it down all the way, Swindle is "launched" along with a launching kind of sound. Good for play value. If you can get past the huge backpack on this guy, then he's worth every penny. Not a complex transformation, but that's not a strong point with any Armada toy. Overall, I recommend this toy, especially if you can get him on sale like I did. :)

Visitor Reviews

Added by: Transfan1 on January 05, 2004
Rated it:
Comments: Starscream is awesome, he started out as a decepticon, rebelled, became good, but still one bad dude! And I love that wicked Awesome Sword

Added by: Adam Meyer on July 30, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: It's the best toy that I've seen yet.

Added by: prowl on May 26, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: one word,COOL!starscream is so far one of the best additons to armada,exept for that back pack of his.

Added by: james aka legend on January 06, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: There bringen back star scream not just vechaly but Personality-wise cool but i wish he had some speech in the electronics and that swindle looks an awful lot like mirage (race team)

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