Minicons MINI-CON
Quote: "The vacuum of space is our domain."
The adventurous SPACE MINI-CON TEAM specializes in cosmic operations and has accomplished many great exploration and technological feats in air and space. Extreme operational conditions require that they be highly trained, highly durable, and totally reliable; which they accomplish with enthusiastic precision. When joined together ASTROSCOPE, PAYLOAD, and SKY BLAST form the powerful and ever so devastating weapon REQUIEM BLASTER.

Astroscope Robot Mode Astroscope Vehicle Mode Sky Blast Robot Mode Sky Blast Vehicle Mode Payload Robot Mode Payload Vehicle Mode Requiem Blaster Prime holding Requiem Blaster Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: Eh, I'm not in much like with these toys. They're either fragile, flimsy, or unstable. The combined mode of Requiem Blaster looks less like a gun than a bunch of robots stuck to the end of each other. Maybe if their color schemes were more coordinated they'd look better as the blaster. If you just want cool Mini-Cons, then skip these guys. If you want the BFG they make, then pick it up.

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Added by: FemaleTransformer-Krys on October 19, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: When the Astro Blaster is formed. Poor Astroscope's arm keeps popping off... And you just have.. half. The robot modes are awesome. Vehical mode too!

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