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Quote: "Strike hard, strike straight."
SMOKESCREEN is a big, strong warrior that moves with slow deliberation and packs a lot of power. He makes every move count in battle. He doesn't waste time on fancy fighting styles - he plows in with all his might - fists and weapons swinging with full force. SMOKESCREEN channels all his energy and skills into the fight and tries to predict what the DECEPTICONS will do next. Can the strength and insight of SMOKESCREEN help the AUTOBOTS win the battle to claim the MINI-CONS?
Robot Mode Vehicle Mode BFG! Liftor Robot Mode Liftor Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: "Look at that BFG!" is about the only good thing I can honestly say about this toy. OK, I like his vehicle mode, whatever it is, and the color scheme works for me, but that's about it. The huge boom arm crane thing can rotate 360 degrees and around without stopping (as long as it's up a notch to avoid the thing on Smokescreen's head), and that's nice. He also has a winch with a hook at the end that can attach to Minicons. When the winch is engaged, and you push the car forward, the winch cranks up the rope, pulling whatever is attached to it closer to himself. This takes about 4 inches of rolling, if that. Maybe if the string were longer, or if it took longer to wind up, it would be cooler, but there's not much point to it as it is. In robot mode, he has almost no poseability. His legs don't bend at all, and his arms don't either. All he can do is flap his arms like a penguin, or sit with his legs straight out like a child on a big chair. The winch is on his chest in robot mode. It looks cool there, I guess. While his BFG is certainly big and a gun, it's a bit unweildy. The sugar in this cake is his Minicon, Liftor. A silly name, yes, but he's sort of like a forklift. A futuristic forklift. Whatever. Anyway, he looks cool in vehicle mode, and he has a great (though simple) transformation and a nice looking robot mode. Liftor is one of the best Minicons so far, on par with Sparkplug in coolness. Too bad he and Sparkplug aren't sold as a set. ;-)

Visitor Reviews

Added by: smokesreen on December 27, 2003
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Comments: i don't not much about him but he looks fine to me!

Added by: Another chance? :) on May 02, 2003
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Comments: Yhis gun is way too big but it does add some oversall fire power to armada. His mini-con anit bad but they could have thought of something other than a fork-lift. Like his rope/hook thingy and his vedhile mode is quite good :)

Added by: FAB1 on March 27, 2003
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Comments: Ok, with this particular toy I DO have a problem with the hands - seems like they canīt hold anything at all.


That Liftor (everybody loves that guy, it seems) has got to be one of the best Minicons. PERIOD!

What I like about Smokescreen:

The winch-Gimmick works using gears, so the thread gets wrapped up pretty quick while the toy does not have be rolled at a fast pace. And that gimmick can be activated/deactivated with the throw of a switch.

The flip-out-gun makes him an awesaome piece of heavy artillery (remember the german railroad-car-mounted GIANT cannons from WW 2?).

AND thereīs that BEAST MACHINES-like Gimmick-recap: In Robot mode he actually faces the same way heīs aiming the gun.

How cool ist that?

Added by: prowl on March 02, 2003
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Comments: i like smokescreen,exept he is short,liftor is a cool minicon.

Added by: davavin on January 20, 2003
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Comments: I am dissapointed by the lack of posability and the fact that he has a big huge head at the back of the vehicle mode. I only bought this toy so that I could place him behind super-primes back so that the crane hangs over Primes shoulder (very cool)

Added by: ViceGripX on October 28, 2002
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Comments: Smokescreen isn’t bad. He is certainly better than I anticipated. His chest may be a little to squat for my tastes, but it seems to work on him and he does have some nifty gimmicks. Liftor is definitely worth while and is now my reigning favorite Minicon.

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