Quote: "Efficiency through self-sufficiency."
SIDEWAYS is a conscientious, ninja-like warrior who races to battle. Disguised as a sports bike he exceeds speeds of 250mph. Mysterious and silent, he reveals little about himself except a fierce drive to confront the enemy and quickly return to CYBERTRON. On Earth, he undergoes a personality change that gives him both a good and a bad side based on Mini-con influence. This split makes him highly unpredictable. It's hard to predict which half of his split personality will win in the end - the good side or the evil side!

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Head Shot Head Shot - Crosswise Head Shot - Rook Vehicle mode with 'Rookwise' Crosswise Rook 'Rookwise' Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: He's a motorcycle. Go get him! ;-) Ok, if that's not good enough, then you might want to pass him up. His bike mode looks great, and his robot mode is good looking, but with legs and arms that don't bend at all, it's hard to give him high marks on playability. His Minicons, Rook and Crosswise are the source of his schizophrenia. When Rook is stuck on his shoulders, Sideways is a Decepticon, revealing a 'con sigil behind the clear section of his chest. With Crosswise in place, the opposite is the case. I love this gimmick, but they heads look REALLY stupid, what with the Minicon's legs sticking up like huge horns. They remind me of the Father Alien in that movie "Explorers" from 1985. Anyway, it looks silly, but I still like the gimmick. Rook and Crosswise also combine to form a larger humanoid robot that can sit on Sideways in cycle mode, which is cool. Rook and Crosswise's individual robot modes are a little goofy looking, and they don't have vehicle modes. But, the lack of vehicle modes is a good thing in this case, as such modes would certainly have just made them worse in their other modes. It's really just the silly looking heads and the lack of poseability that detract from this toy, so don't let those stop you... unless they will. ;-)
Oh, and if you're wondering why in the heck I put him in the Decepticon list, it's because he's unreliable and cannot be trusted. Therefore, the most suitable place for him is on the 'con side, and I'm not going to list him under BOTH Autobots and Decepticons like does, so just deal with it. :P

NOTE: As many people have pointed out, my Sideways is different from many of the rest of the toys out there. The original run, which my toy is from, is like mine. Technically, this is the "wrong" version of the toy, and the "correct" version is the one currently available, which more closely represents the characters in the show, both in their coloration and which symbol they reveal in Sideways' chest. But trust me on this, my toys is the way I say it is, even if your toy is different. :P

Visitor Reviews

Added by: the silver streak on November 18, 2003
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Comments: OK, I may be weird, but I have no problem with sideways having horns, and I like this mixup of colors of helmets. I love the fact that he can change insignias from autobot to decepticon. He loses a point for having a small rider, and thats it!

Added by: Waylan on October 26, 2003
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Comments: I'm just here to corrent my last comment.Sideways kick ass in the animated series.I dun like sideway's read head(without Rook or Crosswise).Sideways would be a great toy if the heads of sideways color is like the ones on T.V

Added by: Waylan on October 20, 2003
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Comments: Sideways in the animated series i dun like the yellow part of his head because i makes him so ugly and sideways would kick ass if Crosswise woudn't look so ugly

Added by: 5318008 on August 01, 2003
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Comments: Just noticed the pictures you have here show a silver autobot/black decepticon color scheme. Before anyone gets an itchy flame trigger-finger, I'll tell you that 1) It was definitely silver decepticon/black autobot on the one I bought and 2) Go watch the show and see what they colored his head while he's hanging with the 'cons.

Added by: 5318008 on August 01, 2003
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Comments: Bought him...returned him. The springs in his neck kept sending Rook flying up, up, and away. Another complaint is that the autobot head is black and the decepticon head is silver. Seems backwards to me. Personal preference, I know, but still...

Added by: FAB1 on March 27, 2003
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Comments: A solid TEN! Why?
First: Even my darling Transformers-hating best gal thinks he´s cool - because of the color scheme.
2nd: In Robot Mode he looks a little like the old DIACLONE MICRORIDER model kit by REVELL.
3rd: The combined Crossways/Rook/Robot rides that thing most naturally - like a young Marlon Brando
4th: He´s the FIRST TF motorcycle that comes with a rider.
5th: He combines LOTS of gimmicks old and new: The rocket launcher stems from the G2 Minijets, his Minicons COMBINE(!!), they are his HEADMASTERS and those sliding panels revealing either Decep´or ´bot insignia are a stroke of genius.
6th: If pushed forward straight and fast enough he rolls for an amazing distance
7th: His Minicons feature AMAZING articulation so their legs can be bent behind the robot´s head in either ´bot or ´con mode.
8th: Transformation is fairly easy and still complex enough so you don´t see too many robot parts when he´s in vehicle mode.
9th: I´m still a sucker for clear plastic parts - and that way the exhaust pipes/missiles look great.
10th: You can even place BOTH minicons behind each other on sideways´ vehicle mode.


The robot´s limited posability can be ignored totally - I want a transforming toy - not a POSEUR! ;-)

Added by: Steffo on March 26, 2003
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Comments: I love the gimmick on Sideways, that's the main reason why I bought him. I might note that with the super-articulation of having one hinge joint and one ball and socket joint on their legs, Rook and Crosswise don't have to have their legs in the "horns" mode when they're Sideway's heads. I always compact their legs against the head, and I think it looks much better.

Added by: ricky on March 18, 2003
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Comments: he is the only Armada toy with to minicons that's cool realy cool.he's a good toy for collects who like the show or a fan or some toy geek who buy's these toys all the time alot. good for you geeks!.

Added by: TCharr on March 05, 2003
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Comments: Decent toy.Reminds me of a cross between a HeadMaster and the PowerMaster Merc Double Dealer(Or maybe the DoubleSpy Punch-Counter Punch).However on my copy the gimick is reversed.Rook brings out the Autobot and Crosswise the Decepticon.

Added by: ZeroXtreme on February 02, 2003
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Comments: Sideways and his minicons have some problems with articulation, but they are probably some of my favorite Armada toys. I love how the minicons combine into a bigger robot!

Added by: Logan Cracraft on January 14, 2003
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Comments: One of the best DECEPTICONS in the Armada line, Sideways looks cool in bolth robot and vehicle modes(this coming from a guy who will only ride a Harley Davidson). The lack of knee articulation is sublamented with the ability to do very high high kicks. He can kick Optimus in the faceplate. The headmaster minicon is the best minicon gimmic yet, however the legs on the minicons look really silly. if you bend the legs behind the minicon, however, the look isn't that bad. I like most people see Sideways as a Decepticon, the purple color to the over all kick butt look to the toy only work in that favor. I say buy him, slap a Decepticon symbol on him and have him join the league of Megatron.

Added by: james aka legend on January 05, 2003
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Comments: Wgat a gimmick l;oaded trasformer although i must say i would prefer it if he were just a decpticon instead of these stupid mini-con-head-thingys that dont even transform into a vechile...otherwise all good except he has no knee articulation :(

Added by: prowl on December 28, 2002
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Comments: how come on mine when you stick on rook the autobot symbol appears instead? even though there is something weird on mine.Sideways is cool

Added by: ViceGripX on October 28, 2002
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Comments: While Sideways, Rook, and Crosswise each have their problems in terms of articulation or appearance, the novelty of a dual Headmaster-style Transformers toy is really cool. So, if you’re a fan of quirky toys, this one is meant for you.

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