Autobots AUTOBOT
Quote: "With aggressive precision I will speed towards victory."
SIDESWIPE is the youngest and the least experienced of the AUTOBOT soldiers. He's an unproven rookie who wants to be a player, to one day stand as an equal with other great AUTOBOT champions. He drives and works hard always trying to impress his superiors-great AUTOBOTS he idolizes above all else. Although he means well, sometimes he tries too hard and things don't turn out the way he intended. BLURR with his critical eye and sharp tongue states matter-of-factly, "He's got a lot to learn." But OPTIMUS PRIME knows better, he sees raw potential in the enthusiastic upstart and knows with experience SIDE SWIPE will one day be an irreplaceable asset.
Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Nightbeat Robot Mode Nightbeat Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: IMHO, there's really only one good reason to buy this toy, and that's the cool gimmick he has of hiding his Mini-Con partner in a flip-around docking bay type thing. Docking the Mini-Con there is cool enough, but the fact that it can flip all the way around and lock in an unseen position is way cool. And with one quick button press, the dock flips open and around to reveal his Mini-Con. He has other redeeming features, though, such as his vehicle mode. It's pretty cool. Also, his Mini-Con, Nightbeat is a motorcycle, which is inherently cool. Nightbeat has a quirky robot mode, and you know me and quirky things, hehe. Sideswipe's main problem is his robot mode. To put it bluntly, it sucks. Instead of a huge backpack or something, they gave him huge legs WITH kibble, and huge forearms. Top it off with a small gun that splits in two pieces for storage, and it's a recipe for failure. If you're looking for Armada toys to pass up, this might be one of them, unless the Mini-Con and his gimmick can balance his robot mode suckitude.

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