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Quote: "All life is precious."
RED ALERT is a valued doctor and science officer who has saved the lives of many AUTOBOTS. His quest to save lives has led him to find new ways to repair damaged circuitry. He has risked his life many times to retrieve wounded comrades during battles. An old friend of OPTIMUS PRIME, RED ALERT was once a fierce and heroic fighter, until he was seriously wounded in battle and saw the preciousness of all life. But will this new battle reawaken his warrior's heart?

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Autobot Pyramid Instructions

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition

Toy Review: I like his vehicle mode (of course), but his robot mode is one of the suckiest of the Happy Meal bunch. That's all I'm gonna say about it, other than his gimmick is a pushbutton-and-go type wind up motor... push his head down to wind the motor, and let it go to see him race away. Eh. He's the left leg of the Autobot Pyramid.

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Added by: FemaleTransformer-Krys on October 08, 2003
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Comments: It's just so cute!!! I have it on my bedside table just staying there.. being cute! my friend's cousin, Angella plays with it. She's 4 and love my Transformers, so I have a few Mc-ee Transformers that she plays with.


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