Minicons MINI-CON
Quote: "Combine and defend!"
As single units these robots are fast and sharp, but their individual power is no match for their combined force. In the heat of battle, they can join together to form the awesome shield known as SKYBOOM - the only defense against the super-powerful STAR SABER. This ability pits the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS against each other in a struggle for possession of the Race Team.

Dirt Boss Robot Mode Dirt Boss Vehicle Mode Downshift Robot Mode Downshift Vehicle Mode Mirage Robot Mode Mirage Vehicle Mode Race Team Ready! Race Team COMBINE! Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: As cool as the character art above looks, these guys just plain stink. Mirage, which is just a tweaked version of Starscream's Swindle Mini-Con, is a disgrace to his namesake, though he does have the notorious habit of falling apart. Downshift, also a previously used name (from the mail-away-toy Omnibots group), sucks just as bad, maybe worse than Mirage. And Dirt Boss defines gimpy-ness in Transformers with his horrible proportions and lack of articulation. Redeeming qualities? There are a few, I guess. Their vehicle modes look cool enough, and they do combine. Combine? Yeah, into a shield, of all things... a big, wedge shaped shield, that doesn't even have a very good way to be held by most of the other TFs. The combined mode also tends to come apart. I knew these guys stunk, and the only reason I got them is because I wanted some TFs and they were on sale. I should have saved my money, or at least waited until they went on clearance rather than just a buck off sale. Oh well. Unless you're a completist, love race cars, need a shield for your TFs (which, ironically, is a good use for these pathetic things), or just have some bling to waste, I recommend buying something else. A couple PVCs would be a much better choice. Yes, these guys stink. :P

Visitor Reviews

Added by: bigbot on May 06, 2006
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Comments: sure it isnt perfect but then again what toy is. Mirage is a copy of swindle but in yellow. Downshift has huge arms and thin legs. Dirtboss has a box for a body and is ugly. The skyboom is awesome! It is not meant to be a jest at all, thats just thick. I mean a sword, a gun and a JET! that'd be stupid. The three alone are bad but put together they are the best. Im glad there sold in a set or i wouldnt have bought them at all!

Added by: Black Phoenix on December 02, 2003
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Comments: I'm saying that you can combine them with the reqreum blaster (yes, all six can combine), the only problem is finding a way to connect the sword, but yeah, they pretty much are useless in minicon form, and i think that some minicons are just plain bad, you may have gotten a bad set..

Added by: 5318008 on August 01, 2003
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Comments: Oh more thing. Skyboom is a shield AND a plane/rocket.

Added by: 5318008 on August 01, 2003
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Comments: Bought these and immediately returned them to exchange them for the Destruction team. They didn't even fit together. I'd put them in exactly as the instructions said, but they'd just fall apart. Then I thought maybe the instructions were flawed - it happens. So I decided to improvise...nothing! No logical combination other than the one that wouldn't work in the first place. Useless. Avoid like the plague.

Added by: prowl on June 06, 2003
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Comments: they are quite strange in bot modes,mirage is better than swindle(cause of his face)down shift is err......kinda weird in bot mode,i mean big arms who wants that?sky boom is ok im just unsure what it is,and dirt boss is the worst(in bot mode)and his face is really ugly.

Added by: travis reed on February 27, 2003
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Comments: BEST EVER

Added by: james aka legend on December 31, 2002
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Comments: Some one please answer me are they supposed to combine into a sheild or a jet many have said its a jet and thats why its called "Sky Boom" but it clearly states that its supposed to be a sheild. all in all nice except;... hard to satnd up, down shift looks a little odd in robot mode, and Mirage is AN excat copy of Swindle

Added by: travis on November 18, 2002
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Comments: a very good toy the only problem i have with it is very hard to keep them standing

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