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Quote: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
OPTIMUS PRIME is the leader of the AUTOBOTS and a powerful force of goodness, courage and wisdom in the battle against the evil DECEPTICONS. He comes to the aid of all living creatures whose freedom is threatened. He first tries to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, but when battle lines are drawn, he becomes a fierce warrior capable of overpowering vast enemy forces to achieve his goal. Will OPTIMUS PRIME succeed in his heroic and life-saving mission to get the MINI-CONS before MEGATRON can capture them?

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Autobot Pyramid Instructions

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition

Toy Review: Not too bad for a Happy Meal toy. The vehicle mode is passable, but I'll have to admit that the robot mode is lacking, even for this kind of toy. If the legs split or something it would be better. Anyway, his gimmick is that when you press a lever on his back, his right arm does an uppercut type of motion. The Megatron toy does something similar, so I guess they're supposed to have a Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots style battle or something. ;-) Prime is the top of the Autobot Pyramid.

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