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Quote: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings."
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OPTIMUS PRIME is the leader of the AUTOBOTS and a powerful force of goodness, courage and wisdom in the battle against the evil DECEPTICONS. He comes to the aid of all living creatures whose freedom is threatened. He first tries to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, but when battle lines are drawn, he becomes a fierce warrior capable of overpowering vast enemy forces to achieve his goal. Will OPTIMUS PRIME succeed in his heroic and life-saving mission to get the MINI-CONS before MEGATRON can capture them?

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Over-Run Robot Mode Over-Run Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: If you want Armada Optimus Prime, but can't afford the $40 for Super-pants Prime, then you're in luck. This guy, as a Maxcon (or what we used to call "deluxe") size toy, is only about $10 retail. That should be pretty easy to stomach, and this toy is easily worth every penny. Now, admittedly his punching gimmick is uber-lame, and he's much smaller than the cab portion of super-pants Prime, but he's a darn nice toy just the same. With great pose-ability, great looks, and a decent Mini-Con partner, you hardly miss the ability to combine with Jetfire and Overload (well, you miss it, since it's not there, but if you can't swing the $40 Optimus, maybe Jetfire and Overload are out of the budget, too ;-). Anyway, this is a great Optimus toy, and I highly recommend him. Just watch out for those exhaust pipes, they come off real easy. In fact, do yourself a favor and keep the clear rubber bands that hold them on. You won't be sorry.

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