Decepticons DECEPTICON
Quote: "My power is your doom!"
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MEGATRON commands the DECEPTICONS by being the strongest and most terrifying warrior of them all. He can use his massive firepower for maximum devastation, enabling him to level a battlefield to the ground. There can be only one ruler of the universe, and MEGATRON intends to be that ruler. He will not stop until he has the MINI-CONS because they will give him unimaginable abilities and power. Will he achieve his goal to become ruler and destroy the Earth in his quest to posses the MINI-CONS?

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Leader-1 Robot Mode Leader-1 Vehicle Mode Megatron, Blow It! Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With flattened box

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: Megatron. Good name. His robot and vehicle modes live up to it, and he's got a ton of gimmicks. Too bad his robot mode isn't more poseable. Oh well. That aside, Megatron is a pretty cool toy. His tank mode, for starters, has a TON of Minicon connection points, some of which are "Powerlinx" points that activate a gimmick, like his doubel-missile launcher on his main turret. He also has a "launch pad" for airplane Minicons, and a set of three adjacent points for a small grouping of Minicons, not to mention a repair bay kind of thing and a holding cell kind of thing (that's too small to put any current Minicons into ;-). In robot mode he sports a blade that pops up in one hand, and he can hold his Minicon, Leader-1, like a gun in the other hand. Last but not least, his cannon barrel can be tucked up under one arm and shot forward, like the original Megatron often did with his gun barrel. He also has this stupid thing where you can put his tank turret on his front side and spin it around with a little crank on his side. He makes sounds for certain things, including a "Megatron Attack!" sound when his turret moves past an internal trigger. Leader-1 is a really simple Minicon, but packs a punch with two very large gun barrels on his legs, or on his back in vehicle mode. He looks ok, but I'm not real fond of him for some reason. Fortunately, the big bad-ass look Megatron sports in robot mode carries him off well, making him worth his normal price. He looks great in a collection.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: FemaleTransformer-Krys on May 18, 2003
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Comments: Easy come easy go. Mega-chan's pretty cool but it talks to much. My brother sleeps with it and since we have bunkbeds, it doesn't come easy when you here "Decepticons Attack!" at 12:34am in the morning... .

Added by: starscream on January 25, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: This is the best transformer armada toy ever.But i don't really like the fact that its barely poseable.but screw that.its still the best ever.I reccomend this toy to anyone who is a diehard fan of transformers or transformers armada.

Added by: Logan Cracraft on January 08, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: Finally a Megs (since gen 2) you can be proud of. Of corse the lack of poseability is a draw back, but if you look at the much loved G-1 (which I do love too by the way) fans shouldnt get all ticked off if a tf doesent have the poseability of a super poseable Spider-man action figure(30). Of corse like A.O.P., Megs had to go through a few modifications when I got him. However I feel that this Megatron is one of the best. Take off the stupid horns on his head, slap a fusion cannon on his arm peg, modify the paint job in his robot mode and hes ready to reduce your Autobots to melted plastic and die-cast metal. Nuff-Said.

Added by: prowl on December 28, 2002
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Comments: COOL its the best TFA .

Added by: james aka legend on December 22, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: many will hate me for rating this poorly but here it goes...there is no knee articulation what-so-ever, his little prison-ramp thingy dosent even fit a minicon, many of his traps are pointless, his claw things are down right stupid, leader 1 in gun mode looks realy realy dumb and oh yeah MEGATRONS VOICE SOUNDS LIKE A 7 YEAR-OLD CHILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added by: austin on December 20, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: this is a bad ass toy itz so sweet i have rite now as im typin this the only thing bad about this is the lil crank but overall it kicks ass!

Added by: Chris on December 14, 2002
Rated it:
Comments: this is the absolute best armada toy produced thus far nothing compares of course then again im partial to the bad guys especially megatron but just like Op Prime the origanal megs is beter you just cant beat the oldschool even i it is older than me leader-1 is my fav minicon

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