Minicons MINICON
Quote: "Load 'em and launch 'em!"
Each of these tough land vehicles carries multiple missiles. When launched, they fill the air with streaming trails of explosive firepower. The AUTOBOTS recognize the destructive power of these mini-cons and fight fiercely to keep them out of the hands of the DECEPTICONS. Meanwhile, MEGATRON is determined to possess them and their power.

Bonecrusher Robot Mode Bonecrusher Vehicle Mode Knock Out Robot Mode Knock Out Vehicle Mode Wreckage Robot Mode Wreckage Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: These guy are cool, too. They don't combine into anything like the Air Patrol and Street Action teams do, but they each have launching missiles. Bonecrusher and Wreckage each have pinch-launch weapons, while Knock Out has an actual spring loaded launcher. They all look pretty deadly in vehicle mode, and are ready to fire in robot mode. Wreckage is the oddball with his missile launchers serving as his arms. Who needs hands when your purpose is to blow stuff up, right? Bonecrusher's gun is a little too long, making him unstable in robot mode, as his gun becomes an enormous arm, well... it's still a gun, just taking place of his right arm. Knock Out's arms are a little whimpy, but I can forgive that because of his good launcher. I much prefer a trigger to those pinch-launch things. Another good set of Minicons that each collector should have.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: prowl on May 26, 2003
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Comments: cool,nice,whatever you have to say about these guys i dont care,because these are really cool.

Added by: james aka legend on December 22, 2002
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Comments: 2 problems; bone crusher is rather difficult to transform and black out's missile is terribly hard 2 fire, other-wise these guys will blow u away!!!

Added by: ViceGripX on October 28, 2002
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Comments: These little bots are built for action and with their missile launchers, they are fun to play with. Bonecrusher’s transformation may be frustrating the first few times, since there are a lot of little pegs and holes to line up correctly and Knock Out is not the most inspired looking design in robot mode. Still, who doesn’t like playing with little versions of instruments of destruction?

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