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Quote: "You can fall alone or you can fall together!"
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JETFIRE adopted the form of earth's most advanced and adventurous craft - the Space Shuttle. He is Optimus Prime's executive officer, second in command and has the honorable and rare task of being able to combine with him - redefining the term teamwork. He exemplifies all of the special qualities found in Autobot commanders: courageous, tactically skilled, and a natural leader. Taking the time to know each Autobot, JETFIRE understands their individual strengths and weaknesses - in battle he knows exactly where each soldier will excel. While relaxed with the troops he becomes all business when it's time for action. He is heroic in battle caring not about size or number of enemies; with a take on all comers' mentality. Equally efficient and effective on the ground and in the air, he is air mobile and ground capable.

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode #1 Vehicle Mode #2 Head Shot Comettor Robot Mode Comettor Vehicle Mode Prime's Pants Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With flattened box

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: Jetfire is pretty cool. He's nice if only because he's a big space shuttle toy for us, but he's also pretty cool in and of himself. With a BFG that makes noises, a shield, cargo bay in shuttle mode, good pose-ability in robot mode, an overall look of coolness, you almost don't need the ability to combine with Optimus Prime, but he can do that too! With a few flips and twists, he becomes a new pair of pants for super-pants Prime. Comettor is kind of lame, imho, though. But I only know one person who buys these just for the Mini-Cons. ;-) Highly recommended buy, if it fits the budget. He's on the pricey side at about $25 retail.

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Added by: stinhed on October 20, 2003
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Comments: good on his own and recommended if you have optimus prime. lacks good powerlinx points but makes up for it with decent articulation. original colors look better than the pwrlx version. space pants mode is decent and matches original and pwrlx optimus. a good buy compared to other armada figures.

Added by: Another chance? :) on October 09, 2003
Rated it:
Comments: Well he is the only Auto-bot so far that can fly in this series so he is already a big plus in most cases. A great transformer. A nice robot and vehicle mode with not to many gimmicks to boot, but the sound and G1 firing effects make up for it how ever. Commetor is a neat little mini-con but his robot mode lacks immagination. Jet Fire also combines with Prime! It looks all right and possibility isn't really a problem, as Super OP never had leg articulation any way. So be ready for another boring but great looking statue mode. Only lost points for his lack of gimmicks and pants mode.

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