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Quote: "Well let's go!"
Hot Shot is a young, heroic fighter who rushes into danger without regard to his own safety. He courageously charges into the middle of the fight to aid his friends in battle. He has taken charge in several battles, showing great leadership potential. But he needs the guidance of his elders before he can hope to lead the AUTOBOTS. Will he learn to be a leader who strives for good, or will his reckless nature ruin his promising future?

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Autobot Pyramid Instructions

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition

Toy Review: It's a Happy Meal toy, so you need to set the bar pretty low to objectively review these toys. As a Happy Meal toy, it's really pretty OK. The vehicle mode is a good enough Hot Shot representation, and the robot mode is passable from a free toy standpoint. He's got a nifty pull-and-go gimmick that's a little different than usual. When you pull back and release, he starts off slow for a couple inches, then ZOOMS off unexpectedly. It's pretty cool. This toy is the middle of the Autobot pyramid that the Autobot Happy Meal toys combine into.

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Added by: cathan_chenh on November 13, 2005
Rated it:
Comments: i want hotshot

Added by: cathan_chenh on November 13, 2005
Rated it:
Comments: i want hotshot

Added by: Another chance? :) on October 08, 2003
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Wow! This guy isn't bad for a happy meal toy. I actually quite like this guy. His car mode is a dead ringer for his supercon version, and I dare say his arms have just as much articulation as the original (which wasn't much)
I don't like him in the 'Auto-bot totem pole' mode however.

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