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Hot Shot is a young, heroic fighter who rushes into danger without regard to his own safety. He courageously charges into the middle of the fight to aid his friends in battle. He has taken charge in several battles, showing great leadership potential. But he needs the guidance of his elders before he can hope to lead the AUTOBOTS. Will he learn to be a leader who strives for good, or will his reckless nature ruin his promising future?

Robot Mode Robot Mode #2 Vehicle Mode Vehicle Mode #2 Head Shot Jolt Robot Mode Jolt Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: When I first took this toy out of his packaging, I couldn't help but think how much he felt like a toddler toy to me. The bright yellow and red colors, the relatively simple transformation, and the "stuck in place" head with a happy face on it were the cause. I've mostly gotten over this, though. After playing with him, I've found that I really like how his main weapon is hidden in his rear axle, flipping up and around to shoot a missile right out of the center of the wheels, which can still spin freely. His Minicon, Jolt, is a pretty neat little helicoptor as well, with a reasonably complex transformation for his size. I like how in car mode, Hot Shot's front bumper opens up when you insert the engine block accessory to reveal serrated claw-like things. These serve as his feet in robot mode, and fortunately can be merely pulled out, not requiring the use of the engine block to unlock them. His missile weapon does require a Minicon to release and activate, which kind of sucks given where the minicon has to be (hanging off his butt ;-). Still, I wish he had more details, especially with some other colors and accents. Some flame or pinstriping would be nice. Overall a good toy, though. Both my sons have their own.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: flora on April 22, 2006
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Comments: its really cool but hotshot looks kinda different and jolt is also kewl.

Added by: Celeste on July 02, 2003
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Comments: Hotshot kind of reminds me of a bananna popsicle but it's a cool looking toy nonetheless.

Added by: prowl on March 02, 2003
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Comments: cool,decent gimmicks,just one thing,the arms look kinda goofy,and they have bad articulation but overall i dont really care,and jolt is cool very cool.

Added by: Pinto on December 30, 2002
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Comments: this is by far the best armada figure so far because of his cool appearance and good articulation,although i don't really like the panels you flip on his hands

Added by: james aka legend on December 27, 2002
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Comments: Armada has reached Australia and the fact is jolt is the only mini-con with a hand held weapon its pretty cool.. lost one point on the fact that he is to damn yellow

Added by: ViceGripX on October 28, 2002
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Comments: Hot Shot and Jolt are a very nice introduction into the world of Transformers Armada. There arenít a lot of gimmicks, but enough to keep you busy for a while. The only thing that some may not like is the color scheme. I think it suits the toy and character well, however.

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