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Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Refute Robot Mode Refute Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: Ok, so Hoist is supposed to be the new form of Smokescreen? To me he looks more like a reincarnated Dinobot. hehe. But seriously! Anyway, this is a cool toy. I like his high-tech backhoe vehicle mode, and his robot mode is well done, even with the ginormous backhoe arm. I like his colors and his overall look in both modes. The Mini-Con powerlinx gimmick might as well not even be there, though. Refute, his Mini-Con is ok. Mine seems a little loose in the hip rivet, and wants to fall over front or backwards. He looks better in vehicle mode anyway. He's another one with the geared mechanism to attach to the Cyclonus toy. I sure hope they come out with an Autobot that has that mechanism to attach these little guys to. I think Cyclonus is getting special treatment. ;-) At least his claw-clamping gimmick works well. They actually close ALL the way. And better yet, in robot mode, rolling the gear makes him shrug! Here you go...
Hoist: "Hey, Refute, you wanna go pound some 'cons?"
Refute: (shrugs) "Eh." ;-)
Anyway, this one is mildly recommended. It's cool, so don't pass on it unless you have budget concerns I guess.

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Added by: Another chance? :) on October 08, 2003
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Comments: I really like Hoist. He is certainly better than Smokescreen, who is still shelf warming' here in Australia. I like his dino-bot face, and his vehicle mode is very impressive. You can see why he is strong transformer with all that bulkiness, but it is surprisingly well supported by amazing articulation J He has ball joints and everything! His only falter is his mini-con gimmick. There is hardly anything to it L Refute is pretty good to. Not much to say on him except that his transformation is really simple. A great package! These guys hold their own in my transformer collection.

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