Decepticons DECEPTICON
Quote: "As you command."
DEMOLISHOR fights ferociously in every battle to which he's sent, regardless of the odds. If MEGATRON tells him to do something, he does it without hesitation. To DEMOLISHOR, a leader must always be obeyed at any cost. MEGATRON values the unswerving loyalty of his best soldier, but abandons him, when necessary, to save his own life. DEMOLISHOR has never resented any of these betrayals. But will there come a day when DEMOLISHOR questions the orders of his leader?

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Packaging Combined Mode Instructions

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition

Toy Review: He looks ok in vehicle mode, but the robot mode is hilariously silly looking. They did a good job on his legs, but apparently the gimmick mechanism was too complex for them to make the body fold in any way. He has a gimmick like Smokescreen (McD) where a part pops off when he bumps into something, pressing the trigger button on his front end. In Demolishor's case, one of his arms pops off. This is particularly annoying in robot mode. Demolishor is the right side support vehicle of the Decepticon vehicle pyramid.

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