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Quote: "Stand up, keep fighting!"
BLURR is a no-nonsense powerhouse of decisive action. His all-work-no-play attitude often places him in friendly but heated competition with HOTSHOT. Equipped with ultra speed, precision attack capabilities and a special flight attack mode, something of which few AUTOBOTS have, BLURR'S cool defiance in the face of apparent defeat make him one of the most awe-inspiring AUTOBOTS in battle… but are skill, discipline, and bravery enough to fend off the deadliest DECEPTICON attacks?

Robot Mode Vehicle Mode Vehicle Mode #2 Incinerator Robot Mode Incinerator Vehicle Mode Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review: Loving the car mode, h8n the robot mode. Ok, it's not all that bad, but it's nothing to write home about. The backpack on this toy in robot mode is inexcusable. Even with the extra bit that flips down behind the feet to add stability he's really unstable. Add to that some loose joints, and you might want to keep him in vehicle mode. Anyway, I dig his flip-down wings and missile launchers in vehicle mode, and the vehicle mode itself is just really cool. Incinerator is an OK Mini-Con. Again, nothing to write home about. I'm not particularly fond of the way Incinerator gets rammed into the tail end of Blur in vehicle mode. Methinks a designer has some issues. ;-) Anyway, overall it's a good toy. I recommend him to most collectors. If you're on a tight budget, though, there are better TFs for the money.

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Added by: Jon on October 24, 2003
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Comments: I have to disagree with you on this toy. I completely agree that he is awesome in vehicle mode. Sure his robot mode has something to be desired, but he looks cool and just imagine him with super speed. Also, picture incinerator's huge arm as a gun, and already he looks better. Just give him another chance cause I think he is way cool.

Added by: Another chance? :) on October 08, 2003
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Comments: It is good to see Blurr back into the transformer fray, although I am not to happy about his robot mode. He lacks possibility (especially in the knee area) He looks like a heavily influence 'Takara' transformer, which is O.k. in my books. I like his colour scheme. Smokey silver I think they call it ;p. Incinerator leaves much to be desired in robot mode however. Ffs, look at that huge 'wedge' thing he has for an arm lol.

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