Minicons MINICON
Quote: "We are the power of the sword."

They combine into a powerful sword that empowers the one who wields it with awesome strength and destructive energy. Therefore, the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS are in constant battle to claim these three mini-cons for their own. When they are apart, they are formidable air defense machines used for high-altitude and high-speed missions.

Jetstorm Robot Mode Jetstorm Vehicle Mode Runway Robot Mode Runway Vehicle Mode Sonar Robot Mode Sonar Vehicle Mode Starsaber Mode HotShot holding Starsaber Packaging

Toy Condition: Loose, Complete, Mint Condition, With full card (bubble removed)

Instructions: Currently Unavailable

Toy Review:These guys are pretty cool. Each Minicon has its own unique way to transform, all of them incorporate clear plastic, and combine into a sword that the larger Armada toys can hold. Jetstorm is cool and my only gripe with him is the huge fin sticking out of his gut. Runway is all good, and Sonar's only flaw is the huge sword handle hanging on his undercarriage. The Starsaber mode is cool, but silly in use. It's much too big for most toys, even the big ones. About the only one he doesn't look stupid in is Optimus Prime's large combined mode hand. I would have preferred just a good set of minicons, like the Land Military team, or a gestalt like Perceptor of the Street Action team. Overall this is a great set of Minicons that any Armada collector should have.

Visitor Reviews

Added by: FAB1 on March 27, 2003
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Comments: Perfect in size, material (CLEAR PLASTIC!!) and robot mode - regarding the size.

And I won´t complain about the sword being too big - remember some of the G1 toys having swords and guns almost as large as themselves (ASTROTRAIN!!) ??

Added by: prowl on December 28, 2002
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Comments: decent jet modes and cool robot modes,but star saber is out of the ordinary and has the knack of falling apart. :NOTE the one with red on his legs and arms is jetstorm.

Added by: james aka legend on December 22, 2002
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Comments: one of the best mini-con teams and what about the articulation for these pea sized fighters its great!! the only fault is the star saber a little plain

Added by: travis on November 18, 2002
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Comments: great toy. If they made the legs on Runawy a little different it would better

Added by: ViceGripX on October 28, 2002
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Comments: While the Star Saber mode is a bit disappointing, each of the other jets are remarkable on there own. Jetstorm’s parts for the cockpit when it raises seem a bit brittle, so be careful. Still, they are not bad toys for a start of a new line.

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