This page indexes scans I have made of TF related "paper" such as promotional flyers, catalog scans, and more. Individual instruction sheets for toys in my collection will be linked on the individual toy pages (i.e. Thundercracker's instructions will be linked on his toy page).
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Box Back Battle Scenes

These are scans of the cool battle scenes that appeared on the back of toy boxes through most of the original TF series. Although the US toys stopped including these scenes with the start of Generation 2, Japan continued the tradition. I wish I had more than the one from Japan, though. Also, these are not ALL the scenes ever produced, just a few of them. Most are presented at 1024x764 pixels when possible, making for neat desktop "wallpaper" images.

  • Movie-era (302k) - Features classic Transformers (Metroplex, Trypticon, and more) as well as many characters/toys from the Movie (Hot Rod, Wreck Gar, and more).
  • Head Masters (272k) - Featuring Fortress Maximus, Scorponok, and a whole slew of others
  • Pretenders (219k) - Also features PowerMaster Optimus Prime, and one or two other PowerMasters
  • Action Masters (249k) - Yes, even THEY had a battle scene
  • Beast Wars Neo (Japan) (221k) - This is what we need for our Beast Wars and Beast Machines toys! :)

Beast Machines Happy Meal

As you can see, this promotion also included the "Hello Kitty" toys (for girls). The toys for this promotion can be found in my Toys section, and most are pretty cool... for McDonald's toys. hehe. This promotion took place in August of 2000.

  • Box 1: Front and Right Side (113k) - Shows Optimus Primal in beast mode, and Hello Kitty on the right.
  • Box 1: Back and Left Side (97k) - Cheetor in beast and robot modes, with a little Blackarachnia in beast mode punch-out, and Hello Kitty on the left.
  • Box 2: Front and Right Side (105k) - Shows Megatron in what is referred to as "vehicle mode," better known as shower-curtain mode, and Hello Kitty on the right.
  • Box 2: Back and Left Side (107k) - Jetstorm in vehicle and robot modes, the robot mode pic is a punch-out bookmark, and Hello Kitty on the left.
  • The Coupon (71k) - This coupon came inside the plastic bag of the BM toys. Notice the expriation date is 2001, not 2000. Many people didn't notice this at first (including me) and inadvertantly discarded coupons though to have expired. Coupons good for $3 off toys for over a year is something to keep around!

Beast Wars Happy Meal

This is the second Beast Wars McDonald's promotion, promoting the Beast Wars Transmetals toys, which took place in 1998. Instead of boxes, this time we got bags. :( The co-promotion was "My Little Pony" which was on the back of the bags. One side of each bag had coupons for either toy line, and the other side had an extension of one of the "activities."

Beast Wars Happy Meal

This is one of two different Happy Meal boxes for this promotion. This is the original Beast Wars McDonald's promotion which occured in 1995. I don't have the other box, apprently. :\

  • Box 1: Front and Left Side (181k) - Showing the Beast Wars logo and some of the show and toy characters, including Panther and Rhino, the two Maximal toys that come with the meals, as well as a silly joke.
  • Box 1: Back and Right Side (178k) - More show and toy character drawings, and another silly joke.

The Quest for Autobot City

The pages of this flyer aren't really numbered, so I'm just kind of guessing. Approximate dimensions of each page are 11" by 7". This happens to be the promotion that I got my Thundercracker, Reflector, Wheeljack, and Cosmos toys from. I also got Ratchet, which I later traded, and I tried to get Optimus and Megatron, but they were out of stock.

  • Page One (185k) - when folded, the Rodimus Prime part is the "cover" of the flyer, the robot points part is the back, and the Optimus and Megatron part is inside. This is where "The Quest for Autobot City" title comes from.
  • Page Two (174k) - classic Transformers artwork of an upcoming battle scene. A little off canon, as Rodimus Prime AND Optimus Prime are in the same scene. ;-)
  • Page Three (213k) - some text of the "story" in this flyer, plus pics and descriptions of Thundercracker, Reflector, and the S.T.A.R.S. club.
  • Page Four (269k) - The complement to the second page, with a little more text, and the battle scene with all the characters transformed.
  • Page Five (196k) - the last bits of the "story" and pics/descriptions for Wheeljack, Sunstreaker, Mirage, and Ratchet.
  • Page Six (187k) - pics and descriptions of Warpath, Cosmos, and a yellow Cliffjumper, as well as the order form for the offers.


This is the tiny little flyer that promoted the existence of the Decoys that came with the Minibots during one of the promotional things, similar to the "minispies" promotion. Basically, it's a little comics strip that makes you want them all, and a list of all the ones to try to collect. Approximate dimensions are 2" by 6-3/8"

  • Page One (185k) - The comic strip side, depicting the creation and use of the Autobot Decoys.
  • Page Two (105k) - The other side with the front and back covers of the folded up flyer, and the complete list of decoys available.


This one is pretty much ONLY trying to sell the Reflector toy. With a description and an order form, this is one of the smallest flyers. Approximate dimensions are 2" by 5"

  • Page One (98k) - Character art of Reflector in both modes, and a little description.
  • Page Two (108k) - Cover of folded flyer, and order form. You also have the added benefit of seeing my atrocious handwriting at the tender young age of 14. ;-)


Similar to the Reflector flyer, this one promotes only the Omnibots: Camshaft, Overdrive, and Downshit. Also with description and order form. Approximate dimensions are 2" by 5"

  • Page One (59k) - The order form and cover of folded up flyer. Don't worry, this one is blank. ;-)
  • Page Two (78k) - Character art and description of the three Omnibots.

S.T.A.R.S. #1

One of the many flyers promoting the S.T.A.R.S. (Secret Transformers Autobot Rescue Squad) TF fan club. The club is basically some TF stuff: STARS iron-on patch, card, poster, tech-sepcs manual, and a "command center" (posterboard thing of some kind). This flyer also sells a "wristlocker" and comes a two-sided flyer... one side in English, one in French. Approximate dimensions are 5-1/2" by 16" when fully opened.

S.T.A.R.S. #2

This one sells the STARS club, as well as the Omnibots, Sunstreaker, Wheeljack, Reflector, Thundercracker, Ratchet, and Mirage, as well as a couple TF video tapes. Approximate dimensions are 5-1/2" by 15" when fully opened.

  • Page One (145k) - The front cover of the folded flyer, and the part selling the Omnibots.
  • Page Two (137k) - Inside pages with art and descriptions for Reflector, Thundercracker, Ratchet, and Mirage.
  • Page Three (96k) - The back of the order form, and Sunstreaker and Wheeljack info.
  • Page Four (119k) - TF videos, STARS, and the order form.

S.T.A.R.S. #3

This is one of the cooler STARS (yeah, I'm tired of typing periods after every dang letter!) flyers. Of course, it's selling most of those other toys as well, but it has a much cooler layout and "story" than the others do. Approximate dimensions are 10" by 14" when fully opened.

  • Page One (210k) - The beginning of the "story" in this flyer, we see Thundercracker's undercarriage surrounded by the text of the story.
  • Page Two (209k) - Technically the cover of the folded flyer, this has info on STARS, and a little bit more of the story.
  • Page Three (208k) - Open up the part where Thundercracker was, and we see Autobots and Omnibots coming to the rescue.
  • Page Four (422k) - Open it up AGAIN, and we see all the 'bots transformed into robot mode, with the order form off to the side.

S.T.A.R.S. #4

Yet another STARS promo, this one sells the Omnibots, but adding the "Powerdasher" transformers and the "Time Warrior" watch. Approximate dimensions are 5-1/2" by 15" when fully opened.

  • Page One (151k) - Front and back cover art, which is one of the classic Transformers battle scenes, I think from one of the earliest box art, if not the first.
  • Page Two (145k) - The part with the info on the "Time Warrior" and the story leading to the Omnibots on the next page.
  • Page Three (138k) - Page selling the Omnibots and Powerdahser.
  • Page Four (140k) - Last page with STARS info and order form.