This page has photos of some of the leatherwork I have done with TF logos on them. If you are interested in my leatherwork, feel free to contact me or go to my Flux Productions Custom Leather web page.

NOTE! The prices shown are only to give you an idea of what these pieces cost. I do NOT have TF leather lying around to sell. I make everything completely custom, to order. If you want a wallet with even more tooling or other stuff, it will cost more. I've only added these "prices" so that people don't have to e-mail me to ask, only to be surprised by the cost. Remember, I make these things from scratch, out of real leather, by hand. No machinery involved, ok? :)

My Checkbook cover
My Coin purse

WalletMaster: TRELL ($50)
Wallet Exterior
Wallet Mode

Wallet Interior
Spending Mode