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Newest Official Spinner:

"Official" Spinners

  1. Beast Machines! (150x113), 52k
  2. Beast Wars! (150x113), 68k
  3. Generation Two! / Machine Wars! / Car Robots (150x113), 81k
  4. Transformers! (150x113), 94k
  5. Small Spinner: G1/G2/BW (61x46), 22k
  6. All the Main Logos (66x50), 48k
  7. All the 'Bots (66x50), 30k
  8. All the 'Cons (66x50), 22k
  9. Slideshow animation of all logos (including CybCon, 150x113), 44k

  11. Minicons, 38k
  12. Wreckers, 17k
  13. Car Robots Dark Convoy, 38k
  14. BM Vehicon, 29k
  15. BM Maximal, 25k
  16. BM Mutant Beasts, 61k
  17. BM Dinobots, 86k
  18. BW Maximal, 32k
  19. BW Predacon, 41k
  20. BW Blendtron - from Japan's BW Neo version of Fuzors, 38k
  21. Moon - from Japan's BW Neo character of the same name, 30k
  22. G2/MW Autobot, 42k
  23. G2/MW Decepticon, 41k
  24. TF Autobot, 51k
  25. TF Decepticon, 52k
  26. My First Transformer, 43k

Other Animated Images

  1. Afterburner firing laser, 26k
  2. Bumblebee and Spike from TFTM, 67k


  1. Ultra-Optimus - RiD Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime in vehicle mode next to each other - 1152x864, 248k
  2. Magnus-Prime - RiD Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime vehicle mode front and side views - 1200x900, 204k
  3. Spy Streak - 1200x900, 201k
  4. Thrust (actually, the Motorcycle Drone) - 1152x864, 217k
  5. Strika in a cool pose - 1152x864, 208k
  6. Tigerhawk - 800x600, 90k
  7. Sunstreaker - 1152x864, 173k

Newest Fan Spinner:

Fan Logo Spinners

    Do NOT use these spinners without permission from the OWNER!
  1. LONAC Q4F - for Jeff Tindall, 47k
  2. Mordalicon - for Admiral Lilwall, 46k
  3. Q4F Maximal - for Admiral Lilwall, 24k
  4. Savage - for Chris Eddy, 46k
  5. Neo Predacon - for Onyx, 23k
  6. Tactibot - for Steve Perriam, 27k
  7. LONAC - for Jeff Tindall, 56k
  8. Spectral Death - for Richard Batson, 27k
  9. Dark Redemption, 44k
  10. Lilwall, 46k
  11. Rodencon - for Transformations and Deceptions, 41k
  12. Paxymal - for Transformations and Deceptions, 33k
  13. Dark Force - for Richard Batson, 27k
  14. Cybertronian Conference, 43k
  15. "Welded TF logos", 80k

T-Shirt Renderings!
Please read the notes below the list.

  1. All the Good Guys - 139k
  2. All the Bad Guys - 152k
  3. G1 style "The TRANSFORMERS: More Than Meets The Eyes!" - 68k
  4. G1 Autobot - 110k
  5. G1 Decepticon - 110k
  6. G2 style "TRANSFORMERS: Generation 2: Robots In Diguise!" - 81k
  7. G2/MW Autobot - 96k
  8. G2/MW Decepticon - 104k
  9. "Machine Wars!" - 77k
  10. "Beast Wars!" - 87k
  11. BW Maximal - 69k
  12. BW Predacon - 84k
  13. "Beast Machines!" - 72k
  14. BM Maximal - 62k
  15. BM Vehicon - 47k
  16. Dinobots - 64k
  17. Mutants - 53k
  18. Welded Logos - 116k
  19. Paxymal - 52k
  20. Rodencon - 102k

T-Shirt Renderings Notes: These are all VERY LARGE, VERY HIGH-RES renderings of the logos that I made. If you have always wanted a TF T-shirt, download one (or more) of these images, print them on T-shirt transfer paper on your ink-jet printer, and iron them on to your T-shirt. If you are having problems doing this, please go to my T-shirt Transfer Help Page for software and instructions. Avery now makes black t-shirt tranfer paper, so you can print these for light or dark colored shirts. Just be sure to read the instructions for the transfer paper you buy VERY carefully and follow them to the letter. If you don't want to make your own shirt, 80s Tees makes a decent variety of TF stuff, from shirts to hats to window decals.


How did I make those spinning logos?

  1. To create the model for my 3-d rendering program, I have to create a black and white "silhouette" of the logo. I usually use an old version of Photoshop to do this, but any graphics program can work. I enlarge a scan of a logo, and trace it and fill it in.
  2. I then create the model in Asymetrix 3d-FX (3d rendering program, no longer available) by using the tool provided in the program. The program basically traces the black and white image and adds depth, creating a 3d model.
  3. I add surface colors and textures and fiddle with beveled edges and whatnot, until I am satisfied with the resulting renderings of the model. I then add animation (the spin) to it for the next step.
  4. I render an animation of the model, resulting an an AVI file.
  5. I then use a GIF animation program called Ulead Gif Animator (version 3) to import the AVI, fiddle with the settings and optimize it to create the animated gif.