Some humorous images I have made. Mostly digital pictures with humorous, and sometimes tasteless captions or speech bubbles. Simply click the thumbnail image to see the full sized (readable) version. Some of the funnies have been noted as "by" another person. This means that the person provided or suggested part or all of the dialog and/or toys and positioning. Credit is given where it is due.
If you have an idea for a funny, please first check my Toy Collection to make sure I have the toys for the photo. Then contact me with your idea. I reserve the right to change the toys and/or dialog, but I will still give you credit.
Please do NOT copy these images to your site!

Added 12-10-03

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by Toyzilla

by Toyzilla

by Toyzilla

by Toyzilla

"Not Again"
by Toyzilla

"Which Witch?"

"So many!"

"Scourge Display"

"Teddy Scourge"

"Prime's Angels"

"Stealth Barber Cheetor"

"You talkin' ta me?"
by Emanuele LaLota

"Tank Monster"
Photo by Michael Fromel
Caption by Slander

"This I command!"
by ViceGrip-X

"Daniel Navigates"

"Cliff Jumper"