E-mail : [email protected]  
ICQ Number :  
AIM ID :  
Yahoo ID :  
MSN ID :  
Favorite IRC Channel(s) : #wiigii!  
Photo :  
Birth Date : April 4, 1978  
Gender : male  
Ethnicity :  
Location : Virginia  
Occupation : Quality Assurance Clerk  
Personal Motto :  
Favorite Quote : Sell crazy somewhere else. We're all stocked up here.  
TransFan Since : 1984  
Web Page : Pyre's Domain 
Fan Code : G++ G1- G2+ BW+++ MW+ BM Rid+ Arm+ M D+ AA+ N++ W++ OQP CN+++ I  
Member of : The Looney Bin  
Favorite Allegiance : No Preference  
Introduced by : Cartoon  
First TF : Optimus Prime I think  
Collection Size : Too many  
Favorite Series/Gen : Beast Wars  
Favorite Cartoon Ep : G1 - Starscream's Brigade, BW - Agenda, BM - End of the Line  
Favorite Comic Issue : G2 #1  
Favorite Character : Tarantulas - He's completely insane.  
Favorite Toy : BWII Galvatron - Not only is he a dragon (The coolest beast mode around) but he's pose-able and very cool looking and kicks the chrome off of that peice of TM2 trash.  
Favorite Music/Bands : Metallica, Staind, Nirvana, Ozzy, Godsmack, Zakk Wylde, Your mom  
Personal Information : I'm a nut. Plane and simple. Can't say much more than that. :-)  
Spec Last Modified : April 05, 2004  

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