This script is based on the TF Code V 1.2, created by Lizard, and previously maintained by H. Jameel al Khafiz, aka MegaBee. They have given me permission to maintain (i.e. add new codes to) the TF Fan Code. I had previously added the Generation One, Generation Two, Beast Machines, and Machine Wars categories. I have also recently added the Robots In Disguise, and Armada categories. Finally, I've added a few of the additions from the update to TFCode v1.2. If anyone has any suggestions for Energon codes, please feel free to send them my way via my Contact web page.

Make your choices from the list boxes below, then submit the form.

Your code will be displayed for you to copy so that you can paste it into your e-mail signature or whatever. If you leave a category unchanged from the "Choose..." then that category will not be included in your Fan Code. If you don't have a collection size or Purity Test score, just delete the text in the box before submitting, or delete the # and/or P from your code after copying it. If you enter a valid e-mail address for yourself, the code will also be e-mailed to you. If you don't want it e-mailed, just leave that field blank.


To use Variables, fill out the form below to get your code, then tweak it with the variables as described here:

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Robots in Disguise (RiD)

Armada (Arm)

Energon (E) ???
->-> Send me your suggestions for Energon Fan Codes via my Contact page!
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Fanfic Writing (FW)

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Using Instructions (I)

After you get Fan Code, you will be given a link to the Fan Spec Database. If you haven't created your Fan Spec, you can go right to that. If you've already created your Fan Spec, you can copy your Fan Code to be added to your Fan Spec when you make an update.