Zac Clark
[email protected]
  1. Anthrax Vs Scraptor - This piece of TF Artwork was drawn by Don Allan ([email protected]) and colored by yours truly. I used Photoshop 5.5, and about seven or eight working layers to finish this piece. I think it's my best one yet. (75k, added 1-24-01)
  2. The Swarm - This is an insignia for 'The Swarm,' a sub-group of the Decepticons composed of various insects, of which the main six merge into 'Infesticon.' The Swarm can be found on Masterforce MUSH. (30k, added 8-23-00)
  3. Advice 4 Life - Megatron here was drawn in black and white by [email protected] I just retraced the lines, colored it, and added the humor. ^_^. (74k, added 6-18-00)
  4. SixBuilder - Drawn by [email protected], and colored by me. 84k
  5. SixTurbo - Drawn by [email protected], and colored by me. 79k
  6. Switchblade - Drawn by [email protected], Switchblade here is the third original Diaclone triplechanger. He transforms from a robot into a fighter jet and a helicopter. Very cool toy, with a lot of character potential. Should have been a Transformer IMHO. 42k
  7. Merkava - The Evil Clone of Lightfoot. I recoloured a Getaway boxart and made everything else. 21k
  8. Roadbuster - 46k
  9. Piranacon - I took a box-art pic of Piranacon, and a picture of the Deleware Water Gap, and slapped em together. 43k
  10. Gaubstructor - humor/parody, 104k

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