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  1. Soundwave - the time to draw him was in 30 mins (44k, 12-10-03)
  2. Battle Prime - i hand drawed from a poster and this took me all day to make till 1:30 pm to 12:00 midnight but there were breaks in between (71k, 12-10-03)
  3. Mini Prime - he is a small version of the big bot and just to tell he get mad lol (42k, 12-10-03)
  4. Road Burn - road burn is my first creation. (lets go for a ride) (37k, 3-17-02)
  5. Speedway - when you watch TF RID you would find side burn chasing his dream car (cute red sports car) and when the chase is on prowl is there. WOO HOO (104k, 3-17-02)

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