TM3 Dinobot
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  1. Starscream - Everybody's favorite Decepticon is back..... and this time, he's MAD! (85k, 3-17-02)
  2. "Megatron's ultimate ascension" - There are probably thousands of endings that would have made the Beast Machines series finale work better, but this is how it REALLY should have ended..... >:) (83k, 3-17-02)
  3. Yankovic Prime - Alright, call it lame if you must, but I couldn't watch TF: The Movie without getting this idea. I just Dared to Be Stupid! *lol* (65k, 3-17-02)
  4. Optimal Optimus: Aerial Attack - An AVI file of Optimal Optimus transforming from robot mode to supersonic jet mode and back again. This was my first animation. (359k, 3-17-02)
  5. "Tankorr" (52k, 8-9-01)
  6. "Thrust" - Here we have the only Vehicon who's been there from beginning to end. (30k, 4-25-01)
  7. "Optimal Optimus Primal" - This is my first pic done completely in 3D rendering! (56k, 4-9-01)
  8. "Dinobots" - Dinobot and Transmetal 2 Dinobot shown dancing like Dr. Evil and Mini-Me (108k, 1-1-01)
  9. "TM3 Dinobot" - This is a pic portraying the balance between TM3 Dinobot and Bob Thomas. (me) (53k, 1-1-01)
  10. "Beast Park" - This is the drawing that we have all dreamed of drawing, but I had the guts to DO IT!!!! This is the cast of Beast Wars season 1 (Or most of them) as if they were drawn by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. (147k, 12-1-00)
  11. "Tigress" - This is a sketch of Tigress from my story "Optic Sensor of the Tiger" ( She's basically a repaint of Transmetal Cheetor, just with a few more curves. (84k, 8-23-00)

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