Stacy Shamblin
[email protected]
  1. Phobia - A full picture of Phobia's 'bot mode, 28k
  2. Ripclaw - A full picture of Ripclaw (Rippersnapper and Phobia's lil boy in my fics) in 'bot mode, 21k
  3. Phobia in jet mode - Phobia's alternate mode, 30k
  4. Phobia - Deimia's slightly older, and much scarier, sister, 19k
  5. Deimia -Drawing of a fan chara who brings a whole new meaning to the word "cyberpunk", 16k
  6. Neo-Galvatron - 36k
  7. Cloudskimmer - baby picture, 17k
  8. Venatrix - A closeup picture of Venatrix, another original femme character, 7k
  9. White Dove - Picture of an original Autobot femme character, 31k

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