Steve Perriam
[email protected]
  1. Chameleon - A character of mine. A recolour of G2 Smokescreen (18k, 10-6-00)
  2. Dark Star - A character created by Devastator. Modelled and rendered by me. (25k, 10-6-00)
  3. Diablo - A character of mine. (18k, 10-6-00)
  4. Firestorm - Another character of mine. (19k, 10-6-00)
  5. Firestorm back - Firestorm again but this time a back view, showing his flame tanks and tubes going onto his arms. (24k, 10-6-00)
  6. Novaburst - Another character of mine. Holding out his plasmasabre. (24k, 10-6-00)
  7. Rewind & Eject - The two Autobot cassettes Rewind and Eject standing next to each other. (27k, 10-6-00)
  8. G2 Smokescreen - Same pose as the Chameleon render, just in the G2 Smokescreen colours. (16k, 10-6-00)
  9. Waitstate - Character created by Bitstream. Modelled and rendered by me. (13k, 10-6-00)

Artist Sample