Rowan French
[email protected]
Raging Star
  1. Bruticus - A nice head and shoulders shot of Bruticus. (51k, added 3-17-02)
  2. Buzzsaw - I based this on the BM Buzzsaw toy, one of my favourites. (43k, added 3-17-02)
  3. Deadend - The Stunticons were always the coolest, and Deadend was the coolest of them all. (53k, added 4-9-01)
  4. Dragstrip - Long live the Stunticons! (62k, added 4-9-01)
  5. Nautilator - i really like the Seacons, and this one seemed easiest to draw. Pity they were never in the show... (65k, added 4-9-01)
  6. BM Scavenger - This guy's toy is just so darn cool! The Vehicons really are wicked. (71k, added 4-9-01)
  7. JET - This is a drawing of a Decepticon G2 jet I have. (64k, added 1-24-01)
  8. OBSIDIAN - The coolest Vehicon, I just had to draw him... (55k, added 1-24-01)
  9. QUILLS - A Maximal I made up. Quills transforms into an echidna. (52k, added 1-24-01)
  10. SOUNDWAVE - Soundwave having a bit of trouble with some explosives... (82k, added 1-24-01)

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