1. Optima Prima - (B/W pencil sketch) A female olympian mortally damaged in an alien invasion during the Cybertronian Games is refashioned to become this Autobot leader. (91k, 12-1-00)
  2. Rash - (pencil sketch) The ill-fated but noble Decepticon general sent on a suicide search mission for the crashed Ark from my "Decepticons, Attack!" fan concept. (105k, 8-1-00)
  3. Rash's Jet Mode - (pencil sketch) This Decepticon leader transforms into an anti-armor ground assualt jet. (58k, 8-1-00)
  4. Hot Barrels and Solar Flare - (BW pencil sketch) These fraternal Decepticons tag-team as a stationary artillery cannon and target finding jet, or they can merge to form a mobile assault jet. They appear in my "Decepticons, Attack!" fan concept. (74k, 8-1-00)
  5. Turnstrike - (BW pencil sketch) This young, dashing Decepticon Lieutenant naively volunteers to join in Rash's mission, and later succeeds him as commanding officer in "Decepticons, Attack!" (79k, 8-1-00)
  6. Jitterbug - (BW pencil sketch) This spineless Decepticon spy spends most of his time on the run. A "Decepticons, Attack!" character. (79k, 8-1-00)
  7. Thrashspace - (pencil sketch) Too treacherous to be trusted, but too resourceful to be slagged, Thrashspace's cog is placed in restraints before he is assigned to Rash's party. (89k, 8-1-00)
  8. Thrashspace's Super Cannon Mode - (inverted pencil sketch) When his restraining bolts are fired in a lightning storm, Thrashspace regains the ability to turn into this gigantic starship. (38k, 8-1-00)

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