Rev. Allen Greenwood
[email protected]

Note: It's ok to use my Pen and Ink drawings as "coloring" material, but if you do, I ask that you provide credit to me as the person who originated the image. Also, please send me your colored images, as I'd very much like to see what you've done.

Artist Sample
  1. "Brothers" - Pen and Ink illustration, drawn 7-17-04. Two of my favorite toys are the Car Robots/RiD God Magnus/Ultra Magnus and Fire Convoy/Optimus Prime. I just wanted to illustrate my continued enthusiasm for these two. (121k, 7-31-04)
  2. "Prime Vs. Megs" - Pen and Ink Illustration, drawn 4-04 to 5-04. This piece is a rough sketch of a layout I was to do of my then-drum student's room. Things didn't work out but I ended up with a nice illustrataion out of it. We wanted to recapture the Sherman Dam scene in "MtMtE." I liked this piece a lot. It is just a shame I didn't have a 20th Anniversary Megatron to use as a model like I did with Prime . . . (54k, 7-31-04)
  3. "Skyfire" - Pen and Ink Illustration, drawn circa 7-02. With unwanted duality of personas due to the toy/toon confustion, I again wanted to integrate both entities into one character. This illustration is also one of my favs. (89k, 7-31-04)
  4. "Bumblebee and Spike" - Pen and Ink illustration, drawn cira 6-02. Two classic characters and favorites of mine (but aren't they all?) My approach to illustrating TFs is that I want to incorporate the wonderful designs of the original toys as well as the adventurous cartoon. Also, I want to make the TFs logistically "work." (77k, 7-31-04)
  5. "Cliffjumper" - Pen and Ink Illustration, drawn circa 6-02. I always loved this little guy. One of my favorite things about him was his spunk, especially with his 'glass gas' gun. I wanted to eluminate those favorable traits with this one. (71k, 7-31-04)
  6. "Ironhide" - Pen and Ink Illustration, drawn circa 6-02. This still remains as one of my favorite illustrations. I always loved his "tough as nails" southern attitude, especially since I, too, have southern heritage. (78k, 7-31-04)
  7. "Ultra Magnus" - Pen and Ink Illustration, drawn circa 5-02. This was one of my first TF illustrations after the "nostolgia boom." I love Magnus' attitude with his genuine humility of "I am just a soldier." (92k, 7-31-04)
  8. "Autobot Blaze" - Pen and Ink Illustration, drawn circa 2001? My best friend had a Chevy Blazer at the time and wanted me to convert it into a TF. This is what I came up with. (64k, 7-31-04)
  9. "Autobot Blaze, Colored" - Pen and Ink + Adobe Photoshop, drawn circa 2001? I also colored the piece for him and gave to him as a gift. I absolutely love Adobe Photoshop and wished I had the time to do more coloring there. This is my first attempt to ever color one of my B/W illustrations (47k, 7-31-04)
  10. These next 3 illustrations are pencil roughs I created of my own TF characters. They are Decepticons. Their sub-group is the Roadwarriors.

  11. "Cyclone" - Pencil, drawn circa 2000? This guy is reminiscent of Cyclonus (hence the name). Loyal but has his own agenda too. Sleek and sneaky, he does what it takes to get the job done. (58k, 7-31-04)
  12. "Road Rage" - Pencil, drawn circa 2000? Road Rage (which I created before the Takara repaint of Tracks) is the leader of the Roadwarriors. If you can think of having road rage, this guy embodies it. Reckless as Megatron, cold as Shockwave, and trechorous as Starscream, this guy is evil rolled up into one. (55k, 7-31-04)
  13. "Road Warp" - Pencil, drawn circa 2000? Reminiscent to Skywarp, Road Warp has tried to follow in his predecesor's footsteps . . . just on the road. He has the ability to warp small distances to outmanuver his prey. (64k, 7-31-04)