"The Realm of Pylon: Victory!"
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  1. Bruticus 2k - This is an ink rendering of my version of Bruticus in the final stages of his combination sequence. (53k, 1-1-01)
  2. Megaplex - This is a pencil drawing (of my own creation) that I inked and colored with color pencils. I then scanned it and edited in photoshop. Megaplex is the main focus of the pic. Megaples is a gestalt comprised of Megatron, Galvatron, and Shadowplex (in my fan fic universe), and to the right is Bloodscream, Megaplex's right hand 'bot. (30k, 1-1-01)
  3. Turrent - turrent and his headmaster partner are pictured here (38k, 8-23-00)
  4. Fire Convoy and Ai - This is the backround on Planet Sabretron's Car Robot Episode Review page. I inked and colored it. (41k, 8-23-00)
  5. Poster - clockwise from the top are genocide, optimus prime, megatron, and pylon. in the center is pylon's headmaster partner. it was done with pencil, ink, and color pencil and then was enhanced in photoshop (55k, 8-1-00)

Artist Sample