Matt Kuphaldt
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  1. "Dinobots vs. Trypticon: First Strike" - Trypticon's Classics toy is absolutely tiny, but this picture restores him to enormity. The Dinobot Mini-Cons, though, can't be helped. Not that they probably care. (90k, 1-15-08)
  2. "Carnivac vs. Bludgeon: Let's Play Pretend" - The Pretender-shell concept was never exploited to its full potential, and if anybody would get inventive about it, it'd be these two mortal enemies from the Marvel UK G1 comic. (81k, 1-15-08)
  3. CybCon: C-Bot (robot) - C-Bot was the mascot of the CybCon convention in 2005. These images appeared on the packaging for the C-Bot toy given out at the con. (144k, 1-15-08)
  4. CybCon: C-Bot (C) - He sure lives up to his name. (86k, 1-15-08)
  5. "Firecons: Infernal Investigation" - Commissioned by Jennifer "Trixter" Ulm, this pic was a long-awaited chance to turn the fatally-lame Firecons into something approaching badass. (167k, 1-15-08)
  6. "Means of Persuasion: When They Came For Him" - A scene from the fanfic Means of Persuasion, commissioned by the author, Merytneith. Any explanation would spoil the story, which is quite good and highly recommended. (134k, 1-15-08)
  7. "NeoG1 Spychangers: Coming Up Short" - Inspired by the release of several recolored Robots In Disguise Spychanger toys as G1 characters, this picture tied for first place in the 2D-color category at the OTFCC 2004 art contest. (164k, 1-15-08)
  8. "Windcharger: Return to Sender" - Like many of the original Transformers, Windcharger's special powers - in his case, magnetism - were often underexploited in the cartoon and comics. (Well, except there was a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure-style book where if you chose to turn to page 17, Windcharger would accidentally tear the Dinobots to shreds in a magnetic storm. But besides that.) (132k, 8-1-04)
  9. "Obsidian & Tankor: Deicide Ex Machina" - From the Universe line, this version of Obsidian and Tankor overthrew the Megatron of Beast Machines and ruled Cybertron for some time. Unfortunately, though, this was only told in backstory, so we've never seen those events depicted... UNTIL NOW! (122k, 8-1-04)
  10. "Nightbeat & Co.: In-and-Out, No Problem" - Everything under control, as usual. (63k, 12-10-03)
  11. Battle Protocol: Bruticus (robot) - Made for the "Battle Protocol" Robots In Disguise profile project. (127k, 1-15-08)
  12. Battle Protocol: Bruticus (cerberus) - Made for the "Battle Protocol" Robots In Disguise profile project. (89k, 1-15-08)
  13. Battle Protocol: Sideways (robot) - Made for the "Battle Protocol" Robots In Disguise profile project. (89k, 1-15-08)
  14. Battle Protocol: Sideways (motorcycle) - Made for the "Battle Protocol" Robots In Disguise profile project. (76k, 1-15-08)
  15. "Shrapnel: The Body Electric" - He's Shrapnel! He shoots electric bolts! There's... really not much else to say. (160k, 1-15-08)
  16. "Reflector: Sight Unseen" - Toy-accurate Reflector art just doesn't happen enough these days. (64k, 1-19-03)
  17. "Sideways vs. Axer: Vicious Cycles" - Sideways the Autobot and Axer the Decepticon were released as Robots In Disguise toys, but they never appeared in the (rather goofy) cartoon. So perhaps while the camera was on the zany antics of the main characters, this kind of stuff was happening just offscreen. (88k, 8-7-02)
  18. "Optimus: Turbo-Revvin' Young Punk" - The Machine Wars toyline, which has virtually no accompanying fiction, is extremely vague as to its placement in overall continuity. So its Optimus Prime could actually represent of the character's youth in the distant past. (51k, 8-7-02)
  19. "Skywarp vs. Mirage: Speed of Sleight" - Small as the Machine Wars line was, it interestingly contained two of the most deceptive G1 characters. (72k, 8-7-02)
  20. "Megatron: Bird of Prey (Redux)" - When the artist upgraded his computer and got a pen-tablet, he revisted the drawing that started his online TF fanart hobby. (60k, 8-7-02)
  21. NYC Firefighters Charity T-Shirt - This was only a coloring job, with line-art by Peter "Hudson1947" Bares. It was made for a t-shirt drive organized by Jon "Proudwolf Prime" Russo and to benefit the IAFF's New York Firefighters 9-11 Relief Fund. (52k, 8-7-02)
  22. "Starscream: Conquest Is Made" - Starscream's Machine Wars form is strangely dark, hulking, and inexpressive, given his personality. However, there may be an explanation... (70k, 8-7-02)
  23. "Hoist: Dark and Stormy Knight" - Exploiting the lack of Machine Wars fiction, this picture presents Hoist as having taken his black tow-truck form because he had become... a NINJA. (125k, 8-7-02)
  24. "Sandstorm: Taking You Down With Me" - The Machine Wars aren't necessarily kind to Sandstorm. (52k, 8-7-02)
  25. "Soundwave & Laserbeak: Since Days of Old" - Like Optimus, Soundwave's Machine Wars body could be an earlier one, not present or future. (49k, 8-7-02)
  26. "Mirage: Bang, Bang" - Perhaps Mirage got a Cheshire upgrade with his Machine Wars form. This was the artist's first Photoshop-colored TF drawing. (22k, 8-7-02)
  27. "Megatron: Bird of Prey" - Through the twilight sky soars Machine Wars Megatron! Or maybe Megaplex. In ink and Prismacolor marker, this is the first TF drawing of the artist's adult years. (59k, 8-7-02)

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